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Sunday, 28 March 2010 02:00

Spring Is Here!!

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Oh thank the good Lord that Spring is here from the Carolina's to the Florida keys.. After a long Winter we can now look forward to Spring, and that means better fishing. As the water and the fish start to warm up the bite gets better by the day. Everything from Redfish in the back country to Tripletail off the beach, the bait shows up in big numbers up and down the coast triggering a non stop feeding frenzy. This is by far the most exciting time of the year to be a YakAngler, the weather gives us days at a time of five knots and less of wind and smooth backwaters as well as the opportunity to launch your Yak from the beach and paddle out past the breakers.

Here are a few tips that will help you not only find more fish, but catch more fish this spring.

The first thing you should do before heading out on the water this Spring is change the line on your reels. I do this every few weeks however once a season is just fine for most folks. I still use 10lb Power Pro but I up my leader from 12lb to 15lb or even 20lb. The reason for this is I start fishing more structure like docks, bridges, sea walls, mangroves, oyster beds and rock piles. As the days heat up so does the water and the fish look to find a place to get out of the sun and cool off, where as in the winter you will find tons of fish out in the open on the flats and in sand holes trying to stay warm.

Two things I keep in my tackle bag are jig heads from 1/16 to 3/4oz and circle hooks from a size 1 to a 3/0. I have started to use circle hooks even with my soft plastics and have found that as long as you remember not to set the hook your catch rate doesn't go down. I feel that the jig head is the most over looked tool in a box. I use jig heads not just for soft baits, I fish live baits like shrimp, small mullet, mud minnows even crabs on jig heads as well as dead baits like a strip of squid or a strip of mullet, and even dead shrimp can be used on a jig head. You can even tip a soft plastic bait with a little dead bait for extra scent. Your baits don't have to change from Winter to Spring in fact most of the baits you used during the Winter like frozen and fresh or even live shrimp, cut mullet or ladyfish, clams and crabs or your artificial baits like soft plastic crabs, small paddle tail baits, top water plugs and jerk shads will all work just fine.

Finding fish is also not hard to do just do as they say "think like a fish". If you are fishing for Snook find places that have a good flow of water with areas for the snook to hide, like the back side of a mangrove island or around a bridge where the water moves past by way of wind or tide. Or Flounder you would want to find a area that has oysters or the deep side of a sand bar, and the exit to a saltwater marsh. Flounder love to hang around these areas and wait for a easy meal to come to them. Redfish and Trout Still love to be on the flats during the first part of the day but will move to find shade during the heat of the day.

I also make sure I have a long sleeve shirt, hat, my Costa Del Mar sunglasses, sun screen, a Buff, water and some kind of snack oh and don't forget the camera.

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Charles Levi Jr

Charles "redfish chuck" is a life long fisherman located on Florida's Space Coast that at thirty-one years old he prides himself on being a well rounded angler. From freshwater to saltwater and open ocean fishing, Charles not only builds his own rods but he also ties his own flies. Charles is also a Pro Staff Member of Yakangler.com, Jackson Kayaks, Yeti coolers and Handler Fishing Supply.

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