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Wednesday, 24 February 2010 01:00

A place called Cow Creek.

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What is Cow Creek you ask? It's that mythical place you tell a buddy you went when you don’t want him to know where you were.

That’s where we went this past Saturday. With the weather the best its been in a very long time, my friend Dave, Buc and Rik headed out of the treacherous launch that is Cow Creek. Only the brave dare launch from there. Once out on the water, Dave took the lead with a nice redfish and trout caught on a Mirrolure Mirromullet.


Once the tide bottomed out, we paddled around and discussed a great many things, non of which I can even remember now. As the tide turned and started coming back in, we hit a nice mud flat that was full of really nice redfish. Buc hooked up with one of these spooky reds by casting a DOA shrimp and just dragging it along the bottom.

Yes, he’s wearing shorts and flip flops. Buc is wilderness hardened. Just when it looked like the fish might really turned on, the ever present wind picked up just enough so as to make it hard to sight cast too. Funny thing about that wind shift, it came just as we all heard what we thought were cries for help. Sure enough, we were hearing cries for help from a near mangrove shoreline. So off we three went, as fast as one can in a kayak. The whole time I was thinking, “Don’t be a heart attack”. Fortunately it was a couple of elderly waders and one of them had gotten stuck in the mud and couldn’t get up. The stuck wader got some help and a much needed ride back from a couple of guys in a small jon boat, and we all went our separate ways.

As I had been testing out some new lures from Mirrolure (New scented jerk bait, 5” Provoker) I felt like it was just too big of a bait for this time of year. So I switched to an Exude Gold Dart and on my 3rd cast I finally hooked up.

All in all, a good day at a mythical place we like to call Cow Creek.

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