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Thursday, 12 April 2012 02:00

Swimming a Drop Shot Rig

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The next time you’re kayak fishing for some deeper bass - maybe hugging some rocks around 15’, or suspended at 20’-25’ - you may want to try a slightly un-orthodox presentation. Have you ever tried swimming a drop-shot rig?

I have to admit this isn’t something I had thought of doing, but it’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments when you hear of others trying it.

By swimming a drop-shot rig, you’re taking advantage of the weight to reach fish in greater depths. By adjusting the speed of your retrieve or the amount of weight you use, you can control whether you’re hugging the bottom with the lure, or hovering at depths a few feet off of the bottom to hang into some of the fish that may be suspended against ledges or other cover.

drop shot rig

You can either swim the bait at a steady pace to mimic a swimming baitfish, or you can twitch the tip of your rod to get some up and down motions with the lure that drive bass wild.

My favorite drop shot weight was always the Bullet “Drop Shot” weight, but I recently switched to the XCaliber drop shot because it’s tungsten. One of the reasons I’ve always gone with this style is they’re made to break away if snagged in a rock or something equally unyielding. You lose the weight, but not the rest of your rig. There are several other types of weights available that fit this purpose; I’ve just never tried other shapes. I’ve been meaning to try the Water Gremlin Pencil Lead weight, but haven’t done so. I would love to hear from anyone who has.

Keep in mind that when you want to swim a drop shot in twenty feet of water, you’ll need to make very long casts and give enough slack for the lure to reach the bottom. You’ll want to make sure you keep in contact with the bottom, and if you lose contact, pause for a couple seconds till you feel that weight hit again. You’ll want to use a lighter weight line, maybe 6 lb., but a powerful rod. Hooksets will take effort at these depths, so you’ll need a meaty rod to be able to handle the aggressive set.

Some of the soft plastics I’ve tried are Kalin’s grubs, Berkley “Power Grub”, Persuader “Bass Bait”, Roboworm “Alive Shad”, YUM “Dinger”, and Yamamoto “Shad Shape Worm”.

One thing to remember is that after you get to depths of much more than 25’, it gets pretty hard to swim a drop shot rig. At these depths you’re going to be pretty much vertical, and that doesn’t lend anything to your presentation.

I’ve only tried this presentation twice, and it did bring some results. I’m very anxious to try it out again…SOON!

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Pam Funk

About the Author: A self-described kayak and fly fishing addict, compe”tent” camper, and photographer in her dreams, she found her lifetime fishing hobby was transformed into a full-blown obsession when she bought her kayak and added a fly rod.

Pam is a member of the Yakangler.com Pro Staff team, TFO Flyrods, Hobie Polarized and Columbia Sportswear Pro team. She is a member of the Kentucky Kayak Fishing Association where "Yaks Give Back". Their objectives include environmental clean up projects, working with Special Olympics and wounded veterans, and promoting the growth of kayak fishing and safety in our state.

Pam is also the author of ShesAManiYak.com and can be found on Twitter @shesaManiYak.



# DDOlson 2012-04-12 11:15
Great Article Pam...I'm thinking of using this method in New Hampshire when Marian & I go to the Family Cabin on Conway Lake. The lake is really deep in spots and rocky. A lot of Smallmouth and some Largemouth but I'm hoping that maybe it might just work on some of those Landlocked Salmon that is in the lake.
# one more cast 2013-04-01 10:11
I used to use this techniqe to locate bass on rocky flats and drop offs in Texas with big results. My best friend and I boated over 20lbs on a 5 fish limit including an 8lb largemouth!

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