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Friday, 06 January 2012 00:00

How to Kayak Fish the Oregon Coast pt 4: Sunset Bay

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Further down the Oregon Coast, just on the south edge of Coos Bay, you will find Sunset Bay State Park. Protected by rocks just off shore, this beach launch is usually very calm and easily navigated. Those weary of surf launches usually feel right at ease at Sunset Bay. This little-known location is a great launch with plenty of fishing to be found in the area.

What makes Sunset unique is the rocky protection. It is quite similar to launching from Depoe Bay, but the fishing is more immediate, similar to what you find in Pacific City. What Sunset lacks is boat traffic. You're not going to see any other boats launching here, though you might see a few if you head out to open water, including some of the commercial fishing fleets.sunset1

As with other posts about kayak fishing the Oregon Coast, the map to the right has the green areas marked for the best fishing. The red tidal zones are protected and should be avoided. Not pictured on the map, and to the south, is Simpson Reef. You can see it in the distance when you come out of Sunset Bay. The paddle isn't bad, just over a mile, and the fishing is often great. Do expect to see plenty of boat traffic in the area.

There is a ton of great fishing around the Baltimore Rock area. As you can see on the map, these are very shallow points, just under the surface, and drop over 50 straight down. The seam running from Gregory Point to the yellow buoy offers some phenomenal fishing year round. There are a number of kelp beds in the area, and if you have the confidence, they are quite fishy. Do be aware of your location, though. The 18" black rockfish photographed below was found right on the edge of one of those kelp beds.

sunsetcropAs you can see by the brown areas of the map, there is some crabbing to be had as well. While I have not crabbed this area, I have seen the commercial crab fleet working this area pretty well.

Sunset Bay is a state park. Parking is free, and those blessed with four wheel drive trucks can access the beach (don't even think of attempting in a car) to make launching easy. Otherwise, the parking lot is very close by and it is not hard to walk your gear down to the water's edge. Very few people fish here. In fact, I never would have if I wasn't invited by local kayak angler Roy Marcum. I made the four-hour drive down early in 2011, and I’m glad to have had the chance. Thanks, Roy!


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