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Sunday, 16 April 2017 12:03

Taking On Almost 400 Miles on The Guadalupe

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Extreme Kayak Adventures takes on Guadalupe to raise money for cancer research.


Those familiar with the Guadalupe River will know that it is not only very scenic, but also consists of miles of flatwater, plenty of rapids and also its fair share of log jams.

However, none of this is deterring a group of extreme kayak adventurers from attempting to travel down the entire river by paddling and portaging. According to the host of this challenging endeavor, Michael Carrie Saffer, it is a journey of almost 400 miles that will take participants from above Kerrville, TX all the way to the Gulf of Mexico at Seadrift. The motivation behind this grueling journey is to raise money for Cancer Research Institute, so the participants are all highly motivated. 

Any kayakers brave enough to take part in this event can sign up on Facebook. Just bear in mind that participants are aiming for about 40 miles a day and the main source of nutrition and hydration will be camp food and water filtered from the river. Alternatively, if this expedition sounds a little too extreme, you can still contribute by donating supplies or money.

This is not the first time that Micheal has attempted this adventure, but he and his fellow participants found out last year just how extreme this trip can be.

While the first Guadalupe Run had to be abandoned at the 220 mile marker due to a host of setbacks, including sick paddlers, broken paddles and thousands of dollars in sunken kayaks, this year the participants are more motivated than ever. According to Michael, this year it’s personal and nothing is going to stop them.

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