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YakAngler ICAST Interactive

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This Tuesday - July 15 - the YakAngler crew descends on Orlando, FL for ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) 2014. ICAST is a sportsman’s paradise, with hundreds of fishing and outdoor companies all under one roof. We want this year’s ICAST experience to be as interactive as possible.

We want to offer the YA Nation the opportunity to have their questions answered directly from the manufacturers. Look through our schedule, and use the comments below to post the questions you want us to ask the manufacturers. Make sure to include your full name, company, product, and your question in the comment.

Example: (Joe Smith - Wilderness Systems - Thresher) When will the kayak be available?

If you are using the Facebook Comments be sure to also include an @yakangler tag to your comment. We’ll do our best to get everyone’s questions answered.

Wednesday, July 16
  • Feelfree Kayaks (Lure 13.5)
  • Wilderness Systems (Thresher and Ride MAX that includes covering the new AirPro MAX adjustable seat)
  • Howler Brothers
  • Native Watercraft (Slayer Propel 10)
  • Ocean Kayak / Old Town (Old Town P3 hands free drive)
  • Hobie Kayaks (Pro Angler 17 Tandem)
  • Pure Fishing
  • Engel USA
Thursday, July 17
  • Shimano / G Loomis / PowerPro
  • Native Eyewear
  • Okuma
  • Viking Kayaks (Profish Reload)
  • Tacklewebs
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Mark Watanabe

Mark "YakSushi" Watanabe is the Co. Founder of YakAngler.com, "He built this site!". He considers himself a mediocre fisherman and an unexceptional writer. He's the devoted father of a ton of little sushis (Air Quotes) and everyday tech ninja.


# RSmith 2014-07-13 09:51
(Robert Smith - Wilderness Systems - AirPro MAX adjustable seat) Why is the seat so expensive?
# RSmith 2014-07-13 09:52
(Robert Smith - Feelfree - Lure 13.5) When will it be available to the public for purchase?
# Minorcan 2014-07-13 10:09
Rob Cade - When will Wilderness come out with a Pedal System for the Ride 115?
# IndianaYakFish 2014-07-13 19:15
(Jameson Olson-Native Watercraft-Slay er Propel 10) Will the Slayer 10 be offered in a paddle version?
# IndianaYakFish 2014-07-14 11:33
(Jameson Olson-Hobie Kayaks) Does Hobie have any plans to start offering more color choices for their kayaks?
# Mike Jones 2014-07-15 08:36
(Mike Jones - Okuma - Reels) What is the most popular Okuma reel?

(Mike Jones - Shimano - Reels) What is the most popular Shimano reel?

(Mike Jones - Penn - Reels) What is the most popular Penn reel?

(Mike Jones - Abu Garcia - Reels) What is the most popular Abu Garcia reel?
# WildCat 2014-07-15 08:45
(Steve Burrows - Oldtown - P3) Is the P3 a human or electric powered kayak?
# FishAholic929 2014-07-15 09:40
Quoting WildCat:
(Steve Burrows - Oldtown - P3) Is the P3 a human or electric powered kayak?

Already been answered.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_t8c1dxpGM
# paynefish 2014-07-15 08:59
(Chris Payne - Hobie - Outback) When will a frame seat be available on the Outback?

(Chris Payne - Hobie - Outback) When can expect the rear handle to be moved on the Outback so I don't get rudder whacked every time I load and unload. Scars people!!!

(Chris Payne- Wilderness- Thresher) When WILL the Thresher be available? Will it come with a cover for the back tankwell?

(Chris Payne-Abu Garcia-Reels) Will the new line up of baitcasting reels have the same pound of drag resistance or will they continue to be different based on price point?
# Sauerkraut 2014-07-15 09:11
(Chris Davis - Hobie - Adventure)Will Hobie offer an Adventure that is Lowrance ready? And will they redesign the front hatch so the mirage drive can be stored for transport?

(Chris Davis - Wilderness Systems - Tarpon 100)I would also like to see Wilderness Systems offer a Tarpon 100 that is rudder compatible.
# FishAholic929 2014-07-15 09:40
(Jeff Singleton - Old Town - Predator P3) - Why an electric motor for the P3 that requires registration in states that otherwise wouldn't.

(Jeff Singleton - Old Town - Predator 13) - What was the design flaw that caused weak points in the Transducer scupper, primarily on the Urban Camo and what has been done to correct this and prevent future occurrences of the issue.
# scott rogers 2014-07-15 15:22
(Scott Rogers - Old Town - Predator XL)Any plans on a pedal drive or is electric going to be the only option
# Jeff Stephans 2014-07-15 15:34
(Jeff Stephans - Feelfree - Lure) Are there any plans to make a Lure 15 or 16?

(Jeff Stephans - Wilderness Systems) Is Wilderness Systems working on a pedal drive system?
# smj190 2014-07-15 23:34
(Spencer Jones - any phone waterproof companies) are there any new things out there to keep your phone waterproof and able to use for photos?
# DPomeroy 2014-07-16 11:03
Old Town: How much of a differance does having the motor in the water make when paddling the kayak?
Can the IPilot system be used on this motor?

Okuma: is there a new Helios out?

Wilderness systems: with this new seat coming out why wasnt it used or a verison of it used on the thresher, and commander kayaks?
# YakPilot 2014-07-16 14:52
(Justin Walstad - Native Watercraft - Slayer Propel 10) Why was 10' chosen for the length of the new slayer propel?

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