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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 04:32

Stealth - Keeping Your Fishing Rod Safe and Secure

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Most fishing kayaks these days include some form of rod holder, but there will always be a market for buying these separately. Stealth is one of the companies that caters to this market with their quick release rod holders.

Their products are great for anglers who want to replace the rod holder on their kayak with something that is less flimsy or for anyone with a hankering for some do-it-yourself kayak modifications. We received a rod holder in our mailbox, and here are our impressions:

Innovative Patented CAM System

The standout feature of the Stealth Rod Holder, and without a doubt the thing that truly sets it apart from the competition, is the patented CAM system. What matters most to anglers is that nothing gets in the way of hooking your catch and this is something where many other rod holders fail. A lot of rod holders promise a quick release, but this one enables you to grab the rod handle and just pull up without having to worry about touching the rod holder. This means that it decreases the odds of losing a fish as there is no motion or vibration for the fish to feel before the hook is set. Being able to set the hook and release the rod in one motion feels very natural and doesn't involve fumbling around like with cheaper holders. The CAM System eliminates all down-line vibration while providing true quick release along with a secure grip. If you have ever lost a fish because you couldn't free your rod from its holder quickly enough, the Stealth Rod Holder is a good option for you.


The most noticeable thing about the Stealth Rod Holder is the sturdy construction. It definitely has a very "premium" look and feel compared to some other brands on the market, which inspires more confidence. Instead of risking an expensive fishing rod by using a cheap rod holder, the Stealth Rod Holder is a good option that should offer some peace of mind. It is clear from the design that no corners were cut either, as it is constructed from glass reinforced nylon composite along with UV resistant elastomers and 18/8 stainless components. The result is a rod holder that is big, sturdy and it also feels much more solid compared to other brands that make use of lighter and flimsier materials.

Mounting Options

The Stealth Rod Holder has a couple of different mounting options, so depending on your type of kayak and how you want to mount it, you may need to implement some DIY skills to fasten it securely. It is a relatively straightforward process, though, so you should be able to get it done easily by following the instructions. If you have a Scotty or Cabela mount on your kayak already, you won't have to worry about drilling holes as the Stealth Rod Holder is compatible with these bases. The rod holder can be purchased without a base or you can opt for one with a kayak rail mount, flush-mount base or universal rail mount.

Settings and Extensions

The other great thing about the Stealth Rod Holder is the fact that it holds your rod very securely, so there's no need to worry about getting your rod yanked out of the holder by a fish. You select a secure position and you never have to worry about the rod and reel rattling around in the holder. Also available for the Stealth Rod Holder is a 6.5 inch extension, which is made from heavy-duty nylon and elevates your rod holder. In addition, the angle of the rod holder is fully adjustable once installed.



The Stealth Rod Holder offers great durability, a lot of versatility and the ability to mount it wherever you need it. If you've spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your rods and reels, it makes sense to choose a quality rod holder that you know will be able to secure them properly. Overall, the Stealth Rod Holder is a really solid piece of equipment and well worth it if you care about quality. Stealth might be a relatively small company, but that just means that they are hungry to prove themselves and become a trusted brand for anglers.

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