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Monday, 17 January 2011 01:00

6 Key Benefits to Fishing with a Kayak

Written by Allison Mac
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6 Key Benefits to Fishing with a Kayak Photograph by Steve Gibson
If you enjoy the sport of fishing then you likely already know that the key is getting to where the fish are.  Fishing with a kayak offers some very key advantages to not only find the fish but to catch them as well.

Below are the six main benefits that you will enjoy when fishing with a kayak.
Benefit # 1 – A kayak offers peace and quiet.
With a kayak there is no rumbling of a motor and no noise save the sound of your paddles slicing through the water.  With no noise to scare the fish away you are able to find the fish before they have a chance to swim away.  The peacefulness of a kayak allows for a very calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Benefit # 2 - A kayak allows for far more access.
With a kayak you can get in and out of small places that a motor boat may not have access to. It allows you to find your way into remote areas on any body of water.  You could even transport your kayak by a larger boat and then paddle your kayak into the narrow passages that are loaded with fish.  This gives you a very big advantage to accessing on touched waters that other boaters can not go.
Benefit # 3 - A kayak can glide faster than many trolling motor boats.
You will likely be amazed at the quiet speed you are able to get with a kayak.  They can often go faster than a small trolling motor boat.

Benefit # 4 - A kayak is very economical.
One of the biggest benefits to fishing with a kayak is that it is very economical.  You do not have to pay for expensive gas, there is next to no upkeep besides the odd cleaning, no big repairs, no storage fees, no repairs, no boat registration, no insurance, no oil, etc. Your only expense is essentially when you purchase the kayak and after that it will hardly cost you another dime.  Paddling a kayak is a very economical way to travel in the water not to mention far better for the environment.

Benefit # 5 – A kayak can cover a large distance.
With very little effort a kayak can paddle a very long distance.  It will paddle far more efficiently than a canoe and if outfitted properly is able to handle all kinds of situations such as high winds, waves and weather changes.

Benefit # 6 - A kayak is very convenient.
It is much easier to transport and store a kayak away than a larger boat.  If you have a hard-shell kayak you can easily rope it to the top of your vehicle to transport to the water.  If you have an inflatable kayak you can easily pop it in your trunk or inside your vehicle for transport to anywhere you want to go.  A kayak can be easily stored away… especially if you have an inflatable kayak as they can be dried out, deflated and stored away in a closet.  A hard shell kayak can be suspended within your garage or even kept outside if you have a cover for it.  The kayak is the ultimate in convenience.

There are lots of kayaks that are very suitable for fishing as well as lots of fishing accessories that can always be added to your kayak.  Combine all these benefits and you get one fantastic fishing experience!

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# Kayak_alabama 2011-02-22 19:33
Allison, this is a great article. I agree with all your points. I do see a few guys that probably spend more money on setting up their kayak with accessories, than they spent on the Yak. Its a great sport, I only wish I had fell in love with the kayak before I bought my boat. Now I have an offshore boat that is used much less than before I started Kayaking. The Thrill is just multiplied by 10x when you are on a sleigh-ride.

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