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Yak Angling Photography Tips

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Yak anglers will know that there are few things as satisfying as reeling in a great catch out on the water. Instead of going home with just a story to tell about your magnificent catch, it is so much better to have some proof in the form of a “hero shot.” 

A great photo can be just as nice a trophy as bringing back the actual fish, but as many anglers have found out the hard way, taking photos from a kayak isn’t always that easy. Sure, you can comfortably sit and snap away on a calm lake if you are just out for a paddle and admiring the scenery, but getting good shots of your catch is a different matter. If you would like to return home with some photographic evidence of your fishing prowess or want to share how awesome your hobby is with your friends on social media then the following yak angling photo tips will come in handy.

Take A Friend

The simplest way to get great shots of you and your catch is to take along a friend or two for the trip and ask them to bring along their camera. This works even better if your friend is somewhat proficient with taking photos. By letting someone else take care of the camera work you are not only free to concentrate on reeling in your catch, but they can also snap some great action shots of you doing so. Of course, it helps to take along a friend who is more into photography than fishing, so that they can be ready at all times to get that killer shot of you. If this isn’t possible, you can make a deal with another fishing buddy that whenever one of you starts reeling in an epic catch the other one will whip out their camera and start snapping away. Unfortunately, this might be an issue in the unlikely event that both of you hook something at the same time!

Be Smart About Your Phone

A smart-phone is probably the least efficient way to try and take photos of your catch, but if you really have nothing else, there are a couple of things you can do to make the most of the situation. Virtually everyone has a phone on them at all times and the photo quality of newer phones are actually not that bad, so you might just be able to get a decent picture. However, unless you want to see your brand new iPhone sink down to the bottom of a lake or suffer liquid damage due to water, it is a good idea to take some precautions. First up, a waterproof case is essential to prevent moisture from claiming your expensive phone. Some cases are also compatible with optional flotation jacketing, so even if the phone gets knocked in the water, it won’t sink and you can scoop it up again. Next up is some type of cell phone mount for your kayak. Using a mount, in conjunction with the timer feature on your phone, ensures that you can get yourself and the fish in one photo, which makes it less boring. In addition, having the phone on a mount means there is less chance of a struggling fish knocking it out of your hands and to its watery grave. For even more convenience, get a phone or app which allows you to activate its camera with voice control.

Don’t Mistreat Your Catch

Getting a great photo of your catch is awesome, but shouldn’t come at the cost of mistreating what is at the end of your line. This is especially important if you are going to release the fish after taking the photo. Make sure that you keep the fish in the water for as long as possible before the photo is snapped as this will ensure that the fish is healthier and look better. When you are posing with your catch be mindful of where you are grabbing the fish, so that you don’t cover the gills or even worse, damage the red gills inside them. Hauling up a fish by the jaw with one hand might sound like a good idea if you want to use the other hand to take the photo, but for larger fish this is really not a good idea. After all the effort you have put into reeling in your catch and getting the shot, why ruin it in the end by mishandling the fish and ending up with an awkward looking photo.

 Check Your Gear And Settings Before Heading Out

Are your camera batteries charged? Did you remember to insert the memory card? Are your camera settings correct for taking outdoor photos? These are all things that need to be checked and double checked before you head out on the water and land your big catch. You definitely don’t want to be grinning at the camera with a giant fish in your hands only to see the dreaded “change battery” or “insert memory card” pop up.

Ensure That Your Camera Is Easily Accessible

You never know when you are going to reel in the biggest catch of the day, so make sure that whatever device you are going to use to take a photo is easily accessible. Having it securely mounted to your kayak is ideal, while burying it somewhere under the rest of your fishing gear on the other side of the kayak is not.

Don’t Just Take One Photo

You don’t have to be a professional to take great photos of your catch, but you can learn from the pros by ensuring that you take more than one shot. No matter how good you are, something can go wrong and you might end up with a ruined shot if you only take one picture. By taking multiple shots you can avoid the disappointment of getting home only to find that your hero shot is blurred because the fish started squirming around, your eyes are closed or the camera focused on the rod behind you and not your catch. Modern memory cards can hold thousands of photos, so be too concerned about saving space. If nobody is around to take the photos for you take advantage of the multi-shot mode on most cameras or phones that enables you to take a lot of photos in quick succession.

Get a POV Camera

For some really spectacular photos it is worth investing in a POV camera like the GoPro. Not only can many of these types of cameras take great looking shots, but they are also waterproof and can even take photos underwater. This means you can really get creative and take some amazing photos of your catch in the water next to your kayak or other situations where using another type of camera is too risky. If you are really serious about getting great shots you can mount multiple GoPro cameras around your kayak to ensure that you cover more than one angle. In addition to photos, these cameras can also take videos, which is great for documenting how you landed that big one.

Don’t Just Focus On The Fish

Snapping an epic photo of a great catch or that hero shot that will impress everyone on social media is nice, but there are plenty of other things to photograph out on the water. When you feel like taking a break from the angling you can whip out your camera and take some nice photos of your surroundings. Sometimes it is easy to forget the epic nature scenes around you when you are so focused on your angling. Besides, some extra shots of your trip help to tell a more interesting story than just the pictures of you and your catch. 

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