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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 00:00

Top 10 Fishing Kayaks 2012

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We recently polled the YA Nation and asked them what the best fishing kayak was for 2012. There were several tried-and-true kayaks that made the list this year, along with many new models released in 2012. What’s also surprising is only one of the top three kayaks from last year’s Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards made our Top 10 in 2012. Enough with babble - on to the list!

 Top 10 Fishing Kayaks 2012

 1. Jackson Kayak “Cuda was picked by over 19% of the voters, giving it the top spot on our list. The Cuda has two models: the original Cuda 14, and the new Cuda 12.

Jackson Cuda Fising Kayak


2. Native Watercraft “Ultimate line of kayaks was picked by 13% of our kayak fishermen, earning it the #2 spot on our list. The Ultimate has three models in 12’, 14.5’, and 16’ lengths.

Native Ultimate Fising Kayak


3. Hobie “Mirage Pro Angler: While classified as a “boat” on the hobiecat.com website, the Mirage Pro Angler still picked up 10% of the responses. The Pro Angler comes in two lengths - the original 14’ that took best in show at ICAST 2009, and the new 12’ model that took best of show at ICAST 2012.

Hobie Pro Angler Fising Kayak


4. Wilderness Systems “Ride picked up fourth in our list with 8% of the votes. The Ride comes in two models: the Ride 115 and Ride 135.

Wilderness Systems Ride


5. Wilerness Systems “Tarpon came in fifth with 7% of the community votes. The Tarpon has several different models, from the 10’ Tarpon 100 all the way to the 14’ Tarpon 140.

Wilderness Tarpon Fising Kayak


6. Wilderness Systems’ “Commander was right on the heels of the Tarpon, with 6% of kayak anglers choosing this kayak. The Commander comes in two models, the “120” and “140”.

Wilderness Commander Fising Kayak


7. Jackson Kayak “Coosa tied the Commander for sixth place with 6%. The Coosa was the first in the line of new fishing kayaks that has helped establish Jackson Kayak as one of the top fishing kayak manufacturers.

Jackson Coosa Fising Kayak


8. NuCanoe “Frontier came in seventh place when 4% of the communities choose this ultra-stable fishing kayak. The Frontier is the latest design from NuCanoe, and resolved many of the shortcomings of their original kayak. The Frontier comes in two models the Frontier 10 and Frontier 12.

NuCanoe Frontier


9. Malibu “Stealth tied the Frontier with 4% of the votes. The Stealth comes in three models: Stealth 14; Stealth 12; and their newest model, the Stealth 9.

Malibu Stealth Fising Kayak


10. Jackson Kayak “Big Tuna also tied for seventh place with 4%. The Big Tuna is Jackson Kayak’s entry into the tandem fishing kayak market.

Jackson Big Tuna Fising Kayak


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# Pat Kellner 2012-09-04 11:23
Only haveing one kayak in the top 10 from last year just goes to show the great strides and advancements that each manufacturer is making in the design of fishing kayaks. It is great for the growth of the sport!

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