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TOPIC: Stillhouse Hollow and Belton Lake

Stillhouse Hollow and Belton Lake 6 years 2 months ago #1

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Also available on my blog: catchmeifyoupaddle.blogspot.com/2014/12/my-current-home-lakes-stillhouse-hollow.html

My Current Home Lakes: Stillhouse Hollow and Belton

At my current home in central Texas, there are two lakes that I frequent due to their close proximity. Stillhouse Hollow and Belton. These are both Corps of Engineer controlled lakes and have little to no shore development. Extremely popular during the spring and summer months, both have heavy boat traffic; fishing and recreational. As a kayak angler, you have to pay attention at all times, make sure you are in bright clothing, have your flag up and carry an air horn.

As for the fishing, there is a ton of freshwater variety. Stillhouse is predominately a Largemouth Bass reservoir, with a Smallmouth Bass population in low numbers on the eastern end. I'm not a big White Bass guy, but I hear about the spring run in the western end of the lake up the Lampasas River. Something I may explorer this coming spring. Belton has just about everything a Texas freshwater fisherman could ask for. Largemouth and Smallmouth populations are healthy, white bass seem to be everywhere (at least from my experience) and I have heard good reports about Hybrid Striped Bass. I definitely plan on targeting some Stripers this upcoming spring/summer, just need to figure out what kind of trolling setup I am going to use; mini-downrigger, planers or something else. I typically don't target catfish, but I have several powerboat friends that catch them often on both lakes. Another species that is abundant is Gar. I see them everywhere on Stillhouse and rarely on Belton. Usually they are sunning themselves in the shallow water and I tend to move to another area when I see them. I think they scare away the Bass that I am after, I have never had any luck in an area where I have seen a Gar. I may decide to target them, there are some monster out there!

Both Lakes offer Kayak Anglers excellent opportunities to catch a trophy. I had my personal best Largemouth this summer on Stillhouse, a 28 incher and roughly 7 lbs (Check out the Article on Yakangler.com). If you are ever around the Killeen/Temple/Belton Texas area and are looking for a good place to fish, check out one of these Lakes, you won't be disappointed.

Here are my two best videos from each Lake:

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Stillhouse Hollow and Belton Lake 6 years 2 months ago #2

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That's some variety. Nicely done!
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