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TOPIC: Need water!

Need water! 4 years 1 month ago #1

Hello all!

New to this forum and relatively new to TN but certainly not new to fishing. I have been looking (without much success) for a consistent place to catch some fish. I have had the most success below the Chick dam between the railroad bridge and bonny oaks bridge. My home river is the Susquehanna in NE PA so i am used to moving water and rocky ledges but the lake is a whole new world and I'm getting frustrated. Any help in places to go that don't require multiple vehicles (since its just me and my dog most days). I really just want some numbers, I am not particular about size.
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Need water! 4 years 1 month ago #2

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Colonel, I'm in the area as well and having some of the same problems! :cheer:

I've been kayaking to many new places to find such holes which takes several loose line trips. Have you fished Chester Frost? In the past I've done well there in a boat and have recently landed a 3 pounder there under a dock directly opposite the large boat ramp.

Savannah Bay in Ooltewah is at the end of Wolftever. I've yak fished there so many times, the number & size are usually pretty great. Watch out for the jet skis!!

I recently fished Maclallan Island downtown, caught two under 2lbs over 3 hrs. But the darn current was almost too overwhelming!

One more is Possum Creek in Soddy Daisy. Bit of a drive but proven to be worth it. Saw a kayak tournament launch from there early this year.
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Need water! 4 years 1 month ago #3

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The larger TVA lakes are basically lowland lakes. Fish the main lake rather than the tailrace. To get your confidence up, fish an un-weighted trick worm in white or pink around any cover(grass, docks, bluffs, riprap or anything else that might hold fish. After a few fish, you will start to see their patterns and be able to expand to other lures and techniques.

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Re:Need water! 4 years 1 month ago #4

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Welcome! There are a number of paddlers in TN. I hope you can hook up with them!

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Need water! 4 years 1 month ago #5

Thanks for all the great information! I'll be sure to give the suggestions a shot and report back. I'm hitting wolftever by the bridge tomorrow morning before class. wish me luck.

Also, really happy to be part of this great forum!

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