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TOPIC: Which One Is the Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer?

Which One Is the Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer? 1 month 2 weeks ago #1

When you manage a diner or restaurant, one of the many items you’ll need in your kitchen is a good high-quality vacuum sealer for sealing not only leftover foods but also for storing chopped onions and other foods that you’ll need for certain recipes. The best commercial vacuum sealer will always be one that is made specifically for the business world, and it will have features that make sealing various foods a whole lot easier.

You can save both time and money with a food sealer in your commercial kitchen and in fact, once you purchase one of these machines you’ll quickly find out how versatile it is. These machines can accommodate a lot of different tasks and will make your life a lot easier in many ways. This is because there is often a lot of waste in a commercial kitchen, and having the right vacuum sealer can cut down on that waste quite a bit.

Looking for a vacuum sealer that can accommodate your kitchen and will also meet your budget doesn’t have to be complex, and below are just a few of the commercial food sealers on the market today that you are guaranteed to love.

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NutriChef PKVS50STS Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Many commercial vacuum sealer reviews will include at least one NutriChef product, and it isn’t hard to figure out why. This particular sealer has a digital control panel that makes using it a piece of cake, as well as 400-watt power that will amaze you once you start to seal your foods. It can actually block the growth of bacteria in your food and therefore keep it much fresher for longer periods of time – usually three to five times longer.

This sealer also comes in a stain-resistant design that makes it last a lot longer, as well as an attractive design that can complement anyone’s countertop. The LED indicator lights make its operation a piece of cake, and one of its biggest advantages is its ability to accommodate both food and non-food items alike.

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Food Shield Commercial Vacuum Sealer

This commercial vacuum sealer is very versatile but also very portable, so if you have a large kitchen or need to transport it from room to room, you can do so with ease. Priced at just $189, it is affordable for homeowners as well as business owners, but don’t let the low price fool you. This is still a multifunctional sealer that can seal everything from fruits and veggies to breads and stews quickly and easily.

The Food Shield sealer also works with several types of storage bags, including both zipper backs and chamber-type sealing bags, making it a very useful machine indeed. It is one sealer you’ll soon learn you can’t live without.

LEM 1253 MaxVac 500 Vacuum Sealer

Complete with a bag-holder and cutter, this is one vacuum sealer you’ll find invaluable in your commercial kitchen. It is a top-notch commercial vacuum sealer machine that has a large 14-inch seal bar and the capacity to accommodate up to 450 consecutive seals. The automatic shut-off feature saves you a lot of stress and headaches, and the extra-large spill trough means every single job you do will be much neater in the long run.
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