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TOPIC: DIY SOT spray skirt?

DIY SOT spray skirt? 10 months 1 week ago #1

Just curious if anyone has made a spray skirt for their sot just to keep water off your lap while paddling? Sometimes we just paddle and not fish, I know, the horror!
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DIY SOT spray skirt? 10 months 1 week ago #2

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A spray skirt to cover the whole open deck? Or just something like a poncho that's from the waist down, to cover your legs? (notice I called it a waist down poncho.....not a dress.... :P ) At any rate, in the vein of the latter, first thing to mind is a sort of long apron. Maybe Ripstop, Goretex, or other light weight fabric. Long enough to go from waist to toes, so probably take that length from waist to ground, while standing and add 6". Wide enough to cover side to side. Take that measure as your widest girth, likely hip width and ad 12-18"( x2 for each side) for hang over and down coverage, while siting w/ your feet straight out in front. Perhaps a velrco waist belt to hold around your waist. Closure at the front so easy to open in the event of flipping. At the bottom, either a couple loops, maybe 3/4" nylon web strap, to put your toes through to keep the "Splash Apron™ "in place. Or, perhaps more functional would be a length, across the full width of the end, of some soft rubber hose. Maybe 1/2" dia. This "stir-up" would be easier to get feet into with or without shoes and accommodate shoes/feet of various sizes better. Also easier to escape in an inevitable flip over. Apron could taper a bit, towards the feet, like a mummy style sleeping bag, if you want to get fancy. For a bit of weight on the sides, to keep it draped over your legs and prevent light wind from billowing to off, could hem in some soft 1/4" tube or for more hold down, some segments of pencil fishing weight. Or fill the little tube w/ fine sand, if you have the patience. Tube or segments of weight would still allow for folding/rolling it up. Also, in my mind, allows for shifting legs, having them straight out in front of you or bending at the knees. Nice to be able to change leg poss. for comfort. Maybe add a velcro tab at the waist for entry and exit. Pull/roll up the apron, from the bottom, wrap tab around to hold in place at your waist. Prevents apron from getting in your way as well as keeps it from dangling in the water while getting in and out of the boat. Variant would be no waist band but light hold button snap or small velcro patch on either side of your seat to hold it down across your lap. Don't want a heavy duty connection here, again, for flip over safety. Needs to release 10 outta 10 times.
Well, that's my Sunday morning, Coffee shop engineering for the day..... :) :) :)

......Or you could just wear rain pants.........
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