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TOPIC: Kayak Trailer Lighting not tail lights

Kayak Trailer Lighting not tail lights 1 year 7 months ago #1

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So this is not about tail lights or turn signals. I have welded up some light bars that are over my trailer/kayak. I used some 1" square tubing and some 8" LED light pods. It runs via a small trailer brake battery with an on/off switch on the from of the bars not from the trucks battery.
My question is this: I want to be able to use either the trailer brake battery charging wire or the auxiliary charging wire coming off my pin plug from the truck to charge this battery while on the way to go fish. I do not want the lights on while I drive for obvious reasons, so if I run either wire to the positive battery terminal, would cutting the switch that interrupts the positive side of the battery to my light pods be sufficient to cut the power to the lights, or do I need to disconnect the positive wire from the light supply while running the truck/charging?
There is a fuse between the positive terminal and the light switch, so that would be in play as well in a charging type situation.
My plan was to simply connect the charging wire from the truck to the positive side terminal on the battery, but I don't want to blow the fuse or leak charge thru the switch to the lights.
Got this ides from a manufactured kayak trailer I saw on Youtube the other day.
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Re:Kayak Trailer Lighting not tail lights 1 year 7 months ago #2

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A switch in the positive side between the battery and the lights will work fine. The brake battery should already be getting charge from your truck.
I added a couple led worklights to my trailer as well but instead of a switch I found a keychain remote for leds on eBay that works great.

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