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TOPIC: help with new kayak choice

help with new kayak choice 4 months 6 days ago #1

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I am planning on buying a kayak in the spring and looking for some help picking between 3 (1) Vibe Sea Ghost 130 (2) Wilderness Systems Radar 135 (3) Three Water Big Fish 120. I will be using it on mostly lakes and small streams with a trip on the Mississippi river a possibility. I would like something I can stand in and fish also. I am a big guy 250 lbs the big fish has a open deck to stand in but I have heard lots of good things about the other two. Does the center storage in the other get in the way for standing? just looking for some help.
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help with new kayak choice 4 months 6 days ago #2

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Make sure to demo before you buy.
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help with new kayak choice 4 months 5 days ago #3

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Well if being used on small streams I wouldn't really recommend any of them. I'd be looking more towards an Old Town Predator MX, Vibe Seaghost 110, WS Radar 115, etc. I'd go to a 12' or smaller if using on creeks and rivers. Most of those kayaks can also do larger water if need be.
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help with new kayak choice 4 months 4 days ago #4

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John is right about kayak size choice. And, not to muddy the waters further, but another one to consider might be the Kaku Wahoo 10.5. I have the 12.5, and it's super-stable, has an open deck design, and can handle big guys like myself with ease (Kevin actually rated his kayaks more conservatively than others. It says the 12.5 is rated at 400 lbs., but can really handle 500.)

Just a thought.
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help with new kayak choice 4 months 5 hours ago #5

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Hmmm...some choices can be more fun than others! I came to kayaking after being a life-long canoe angler. I did a couple years of research and some test-paddling before deciding the WS Radar 135 was my ideal fishing platform. I'm a multi-species angler and sometimes switch target species mid-trip. The Radar has enough on-deck, tankwell, and internal storage for me to bring anything I need. Sliding the (ultra-comfortable) seat back and folding it gives me acres of deck space if I want to switch to fly-casting. I've stood in a canoe, so standing on a kayak that's been built for that is easy. The center-hatch has been engineered to stand on but I prefer keeping a wider stance. I fish anywhere from lakes you can't see across to flooded ditches. The 13'6'' kayak is smaller than my old canoe, and has less draft. Any water that's too small or skinny for it; I'd be pulling it and fishing on foot, anyhow. I'm 5'11' and currently pushing 180lbs(about 15lbs. over a good marathon weight), and the Radar is rated to float 475lbs. No worries. There are other boats designed specifically for "bigger" guys...but 475lbs.? That should be enough. Which brings me to a really big reason I chose the Radar: while it's an excellent paddling boat with good tracking and turning; I will also equip it with a pedal-drive to increase my range on bigger water and keep that muscle memory for running. By switching from a canoe to the Radar I haven't given up ANY ability to access hidden waters, have increased my ability to fish in windy conditions, and really haven't lost any ability to carry necessary gear. Have fun making your choice! I hope this helped.
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