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TOPIC: Ocean Kayak Frenzy ?

Ocean Kayak Frenzy ? 8 months 4 weeks ago #1

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I have an OK Frenzy. It has a trough so to speak in the rear behind the spot where you would normally put cargo or a crate. I believe it was designed that way because this is a popular rental kayak & it allows them to be stacked on top of each other well .The problem is that it allows water to come in from the rear and drain to the front of the yak where you sit. There are scupper holes under the seat, but it's useless to plug them with water draining in from the back. It's getting to be that time of year where it's a little warm to fish in rain pants, but the water is still a little to cold to be sitting in it all morning fishing. I'd like to fill this trough up. I've considered cutting a cutting board or the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket to the shape of the trough & using epoxy to glue it in. Will this work ok? will epoxy harm my yak? Anyone got any other suggestions?
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Ocean Kayak Frenzy ? 8 months 4 weeks ago #2

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I'm no expert with plastic , but if you use the proper epoxy , I would say you have the right idea . I used one of those cutting boards for a different project . If you have a heat gun , with patients & time , you can form them very nicely to fit perfectly . Just wear a pair of leather insulated gloves because it gets pretty hot right about the time it gets pliable . Good luck on your project. :up:
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