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TOPIC: First impressions of car rack in use

First impressions of car rack in use 1 month 16 hours ago #1

I realize this is largely a fishing forum and I have yet to wet a line or drown any worms. But I'm getting my crap together. :-)

I purchased the Rhino Rack with custom pads for my car. I was pretty disappointed in the instructions because they were way off on their measurements. Not sure exactly how much but probably 6 to 8 mm on EACH side, which was a lot considering I had to readjust both sides carefully. I thought buying the custom ones designed for my exact model of car would save me this headache. Anyway I got it installed eventually.

As I had mentioned in another thread there was quite a bit of wind noise. That was at only 40 miles per hour so I was afraid it would get worse at interstate speeds. Fortunately it didn't, even up to 74 miles per hour so it will be tolerable.

It sure was a beast hoisting my 75 lb feelfree moken 12.5 onto the roof. I'm happy I remembered to bring a rubberized bath mat because when I loaded after being on the lake, it was sure a lot easier pushing it up the trunk lid than taking it all up at once. Thanks to whoever publicly gave that idea to me and a lot of other people.

I tied it front and back and of course in the middle, using 4 ratchet straps. As I left and even got up to fairly slow speeds like 25 miles per hour, there was a horrible noise. I stopped and gave the front straps four or five twists and that took care of the noise. I drove for several miles on a 45 mile per hour road and everything seemed stable so I took it to the interstate. It was quite stable and reasonably quiet.

But what I really learned today is that it's a heck of a lot of work to get to the water. But I'm sure it will get easier. At least I hope so.

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First impressions of car rack in use 1 month 8 hours ago #2

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Yer welcome. Be very careful with ratchet straps. They can be made too tight very easily and can seriously damage an expensive plastic kayak. Get a set of cam straps and use the ratchet straps on other things.
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First impressions of car rack in use 1 month 6 hours ago #3

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Did that horrible noise sound like a hive of angry hornets? If so, that could be the wind rushing by the straps, causing them to vibrate, hence, making the sound. I get this particular sound all the time. Some people have suggested putting some twists in the strap. I guess it breaks things up.
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First impressions of car rack in use 1 month 5 hours ago #4

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Your findings and impressions are pretty much right on...

Measurements are close but not exact and a bit of tinkering had to be done to get all 3 set's of hard racks, Yakime & Thule installed correctly.

Noise for sure, those flat straps do vibrate and twist will generally resolve that issue.

Ratchet straps are not good, as stated above they can easily be over-tightened.

The rubberized bath mat.. I have to give tprop's to a guy named Roger Spitzer aka BugDoc who passed that idea on to me many years ago..
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