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Lake Isabella


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Lake Isabella, CA

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Access Type:
  • Bank Access
  • Kayak/Canoe Access
Water Type:
  • bass largemouth
  • bass smallmouth
  • carp
  • catfish
  • panfish
  • trout
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Lake Isabella is a much smaller lake now due to the California drought situation and the Dam replacement project right now. With that said, this lake is really good for kayak fishing because there are some really good locations around the lake where trees are above the water and many motorboats can't access so only kayaks or other non motor boats can get in and just drop a line, no need casting.

The trout bite can be fair to really good during early spring while Crappie are very active and many people fill their stringers with the 25 catch limit each day. Bass can be caught frequently from late Spring through the summer and there have been some monster largemouth bass caught here in the past. There are several new islands around the lake now with the water levels so low which makes for a nice break are after being in yak for a while. It is common to see yak anglers park on the islands and get out and fish from the banks and stretch their legs.

If you are fishing for crappie, the best place is in and around French Gulch. All other species can be caught nearly anywhere on the lake.

You can drive your vehicle right to the water so launching your yak is simple, I camp here on the bank in a motorhome and we park within 50ft of the water.

One thing to note, if you launch from the west side of the lake you will want to be close to your launch area by early afternoon due to the winds. The mornings are usually very good conditions on the lake but the afternoons can become quite brutal with the winds and white caps are common with water coming over the bow making paddling conditions difficult trying to get back.


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Nice desert mountain lake

This is the closest lake to me so it is the easiest access for me. Lake Isabella can be hit or miss but when the fish are biting you can have a field day. Even though the water levels are at a record low there are still some deep areas in the lake so if you are fishing for trout in the summer you will need to be prepared to fish between 50-100ft.

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