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Fishing kayak reviews help anglers make educated decisions on what boat might be the best fit for their size and weight or specific fishing environments. New fishing kayaks come into the market almost daily and we keep our database of angler kayaks updated. If we missed a kayak our readers can easily add it to our database of fishing kayak reviews.

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Perception "Pescador 10 Angler"
3.9 (2)
December 07, 2015   7797   0   1   0   1
Kayak anglers looking for a great fishing kayak for lakes, ponds and small rivers should check out the "Pescador 10 Angler" kayak. It is easy to transport but still stable enough for larger paddlers. A high performance, feature rich boat that's great in value and perfect for your next angling adventure.
Jackson Kayak Mayfly
4.6 (1)
February 15, 2017   281   0   2   0   0
The MayFly is a fly fishing oriented sit-on-top, loaded with features to make kayak fly fishing more fun and user friendly. The MayFly has a versatile hull optimized for tracking, stability, and speed in popular fly fishing conditions and destinations, including tropical flats, slow-moving rivers, lakes and ponds.
jackson kayak cuda 14
4.4 (17)
May 08, 2012   55645   1   9   0   2
The Jackson Kayak “Cuda 14” has taken many of the great features kayak fishermen love from the Coosa, and included them in a well-rounded kayak that can handle the rigors of offshore fishing. With rod stagers, hi/low seat, removable skid plate, rod tip cover, and ample in-hull storage, the Cuda 14 gives anglers a fully-loaded fishing kayak with a sleek low-profile design.
Jackson Kayak “Big Rig”
4.5 (10)
February 04, 2013   34191   1   22   0   5
The “Big Rig” by Jackson Kayak is a single-person SOT designed for incredible stability in a stand-up fishing kayak. Taking the best features of various Jackson Kayak fishing models into a new, larger package, while introducing some new ones at the same time to create the ultimate all-water, all fishing style, fishing machine. The Big Rig comes ready to accept the Raymarine Dragonfly fishfinder and Power-Pole Micro stake out systems.
Native Watercraft "Manta Ray Angler 14"
0.0 (0)
February 10, 2017   104   0   1   0   0
The Manta Ray Angler 14 offers everything you would expect from the brand, but its larger size makes it ideally suited to bigger water. It is not only the biggest angler kayak in the range, but can also bear the heaviest load and offer great speed. Comfort is not an issue either as the seat provides support for your rear end as well as lower back. Like the Manta Ray Angler 12, this model also comes factory rigged with a deck-mounted paddle holder along with two Sea Dog flush rod holders.
Native Watercraft "Versa Board Angler"
0.0 (0)
February 10, 2017   104   1   1   0   0
The Versa Board Angler is a hybrid paddleboard/kayak, but if you prefer something more comfortable than the seat that is molded into the hull you can fit it out with an optional kayak seat that is sold separately. The board features extra built-in volume to improve stability, which means you can retain your footing while stalking, casting and fighting the fish. This board has a factory rigged central Groove Track and a spring-loaded drop skeg. Although it lacks integrated rod holders, these can be added easily thanks to the mounting rails. The stability of this board makes it a...
Native Watercraft "Ultimate FX Propel 13"
0.0 (0)
February 10, 2017   165   1   1   0   0
The Ultimate FX Propel 13 is a kayak that is designed for serious fishing. It features the Propel Drive system, but don’t worry about weight as is it is still one of the lightest 13’ pedal drive kayaks on the market. The open deck design is a boon for those who want to load and unload their gear with ease at the ramp while valuables can be stowed safely thanks to the hatch cover on the bow. There is also plenty of space in the under-seat storage area along with the adjustable thwart box that has two vertical rod...
Native Watercraft "Slayer Propel 12 LT"
0.0 (0)
February 10, 2017   197   0   1   0   0
At about 6 lbs lighter than the Slayer Propel 13, the Slayer Propel 12 LT is great for anglers who want a Propel kayak, but without adding too much weight. The Propel 12 LT was designed for fishing, so it comes standard with flush-mounted rod holders and groove tracks. Obviously the Propel Pedal Drive system gives you more control as you can go forward or reverse without having to use your hands. It is also a very quiet kayak, which is another plus for anglers. Its handling is very graceful thanks to a sharp entry and flare in the...
0.0 (0)
February 08, 2017   144   0   1   0   0
The Manta Ray Angler promises a stable ride and ideal performance in rivers or flat water. This 12’ model is the most popular length in the range as it features a manageable size along with plenty of speed and enough storage space. Getting on or off is very convenient while still remaining very comfortable thanks to the DVC seating that drains. This kayak also comes complete with two Sea Dog flush mounts along with a deck-mounted paddle holder. In addition, the Tag-Along Wheel makes the process of transporting the kayak over any type of terrain much easier. ...
Hobie Adventure
4.6 (4)
September 03, 2013   11827   0   3   0   0
Sleek. The Hobie Mirage "Adventure" boasts a long, lean undercarriage that’s low on drag and big on speed, allowing you to glide along at speeds that are typically reserved for far more fragile kayaks. But instead of requiring constant doting, the Adventure’s rugged, rotomolded polyethylene hull stands ready to brave any beach. Consider the Adventure’s range and speed—coupled with creature comforts such as ergonomic carrying handles and its comfortable, high-backed seat—and the advantages are obvious. With a 16’ hull design for touring at speed plus MirageDrive power, covering distance with ease is the Adventure’s game. ...
Jackson Kayak Big Tuna
4.2 (11)
February 04, 2013   62170   0   14   0   2
Sometimes you fish alone, and sometimes you need to bring a buddy with you. The Jackson “Big Tuna” combines legendary fish-ability and stability into a tandem kayak with unique features like a built-in bait livewell, molded drift chamber for anchor systems, rod storage in the hull, and more. The Big Tuna features multiple seating positions and standing platforms for one or more anglers.
Field and Stream Eagle Talon 12
3.7 (7)
October 05, 2014   20345   0   5   0   0
The Field & Stream 12" SOT Eagle Talon Fishing Kayak is perfect for your next relaxing day on the lake. Stay comfortable with the adjustable padded seat and keep organized with the molded-in well to hold your 3600 tackle box and bucket with a cargo mesh cover. The two flush mount rod holders with leashes ensure your rods won't float away while you're taking a nap in the afternoon sun. ...
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130X
4.7 (3)
August 10, 2015   8756   1   7   0   0
The "Tarpon 130X" by Wilderness Systems has all the speed of previous model Tarpon fishing kayak but with upgraded features to fit many different angling styles. The Tarpon 130X has the versatile Flex Pod OS allowing the owner to easily switch out their electronics with other Wilderness Systems kayaks, or add a hands free fishing option with a Torqeedo motor. The 130X also has the new AirPro MAX seat with forward and aft adjustment to keep the fishing kayak perfectly trimmed.  Specs: ...
Feelfree Lure 11.5
3.4 (5)
July 09, 2010   34017   0   3   0   5
Kayak anglers looking for a new level of fishing should check out the Feelfree “Lure 11.5”. The Lure 11.5 features a removable multi-level extra wide Gravity Seat with three levels of height adjustments. This fishing kayak also features Feelfree’s wheel in the keel and Uni-Track system to make mounting accessories easy. Anglers looking for extreme versatility should look no further then the Feelfree Lure 11.5.
165 results - showing 1 - 14  
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