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Fishing kayak reviews help anglers make educated decisions on what boat might be the best fit for their size and weight or specific fishing environments. New fishing kayaks come into the market almost daily and we keep our database of angler kayaks updated. If we missed a kayak our readers can easily add it to our database of fishing kayak reviews.

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Ascend FS128T Fishing Kayak
4.1 (13)
April 23, 2013   106652   0   32   0   6
The Ascend "FS128T" fishing kayak has a removable 360° swivel seating system that allows the angler to easily change position. The FS128T features four flush-mount rod holders and an angler-specific design, combined with a wider transom for better control. Deep molded storage trays to the side and eight self-bailing scuppers maximize draining during those rough days.
Old Town Predator 13
4.6 (7)
April 23, 2013   98992   2   6   0   7
Built from the ground up by Old Town Pro Staff members the "Predator 13" was made by kayak anglers for kayak anglers. The Predator 13 is designed to handle larger bodies of water like lakes, bays, and coastal areas. The word fish-ability has been taken to the next level with features like the 3 position Element seating system, Mod Pod center cover, removable mounting plates, and Humminbird compatible scupper. The Predator 13 by Old Town gets the job done. Check Price  
Jackson Kayak Cuda 12
4.2 (15)
November 16, 2012   84721   0   10   0   7
Taking cues from the its bigger brother, the “Cuda 12” brings the speed and tracking of the Cuda 14 and puts it all into a smaller package. Being a smaller kayak makes it more adept at navigating smaller rivers, pond, and bays, while keeping all the excellent features like rod storage, tackle organization, speed, and stability of the bigger kayak.
2015 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14
4.6 (16)
May 14, 2013   82553   0   7   0   0
With the introduction of the Hobie “Pro Angler 14”, Hobie demonstrates that kayak anglers don’t have to sacrifice features. The wide hull of the Pro Angler 14 provides a stable platform for standing allowing for great sight-fishing. Some of the many standard features are built-in rod holders, plenty of open cargo space, and a front hatch with an easy-access liner. The PA 14 uses Hobie’s Mirage Drive for hands-free movement, and features the fully adjustable and very comfortable Vantage Seat. Features: ...
Ascend FS12T
3.6 (7)
May 29, 2013   74156   0   3   0   1
The Ascend “FS12T” is a great kayak for the budget tight kayak fisherman. With an extended keel and performance rocker the FS12T has the maneuverability and tracking to get you to fish. A large open cockpit includes 5 position foot rests, large catch-all tray, adjustable cushioned seat, and other work areas. The FS12T comes standard with 2 flush mount rod holders, large 18” x 10” dry storage hatch, and large tank well and fully scuppered deck. You will be hard pressed to find all these features in another kayak in this price range.
NuCanoe Frontier 12
4.4 (12)
July 25, 2012   74075   0   14   0   4
In the NuCanoe “Frontier 12” you can do things your way... a better way! Go solo in style or tandem with room to spare. Position the seats anywhere along the 70" Freedom Track. Face the action with 360° Mobility. And don’t just stand, walk with confidence on the 20" wide Cast & Blast Deck. Check Price  
Jackson Kayak Big Tuna
4.2 (11)
February 04, 2013   61180   0   14   0   2
Sometimes you fish alone, and sometimes you need to bring a buddy with you. The Jackson “Big Tuna” combines legendary fish-ability and stability into a tandem kayak with unique features like a built-in bait livewell, molded drift chamber for anchor systems, rod storage in the hull, and more. The Big Tuna features multiple seating positions and standing platforms for one or more anglers.
native watercraft slayer 12
3.8 (3)
October 22, 2012   57406   1   8   0   3
Like its bigger brother, the Native Watercraft “Slayer 12” was built to satisfy requests for a clean, stable fishing platform for kayak anglers. The Slayer 12 features Native’s First Class Seat, built-in tackle storage, rod stagers, solid cushioned handles and the tag along wheel. Native Watercraft packed all the features of the Slayer 14.5 into a smaller, lighter kayak perfectly designed for catching snook in the intercostal waterways and bass in your local pond. Features: Groove High/Low...
Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel
4.2 (4)
October 22, 2012   57052   2   7   0   2
The Native Watercraft “Slayer Propel 13” took many of the successful features from the original Slayer line and made them better with the addition of an updated Propel drive system. Superb handling and forward and reverse set the Slayer Propel 13 apart from the competition. With an open bow hatch, center electronics console with thumb screws, new Super Seal scupper plugs, and a large open cockpit this will sure to be the leader in pedal powered kayaks. Features: Propel Drive Slide Adjust Seat ...
jackson kayak cuda 14
4.4 (16)
May 08, 2012   54944   1   9   0   2
The Jackson Kayak “Cuda 14” has taken many of the great features kayak fishermen love from the Coosa, and included them in a well-rounded kayak that can handle the rigors of offshore fishing. With rod stagers, hi/low seat, removable skid plate, rod tip cover, and ample in-hull storage, the Cuda 14 gives anglers a fully-loaded fishing kayak with a sleek low-profile design.
Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 13
4.6 (2)
May 18, 2011   52846   0   3   0   5
The "Prowler Trident 13" by Ocean Kayak, designed by professional kayak fishermen to be a happy medium of speed, stability, and maneuverability. The Prowler Trident 13 will allow anglers to get to their favorite fishing spot with ease and fish in comfort for house with the Comfort Plus seat back.
2015 Pro Angler 12.jpg
4.6 (6)
May 14, 2013   52837   0   6   0   2
The newest offering in an already impressive fleet of fishing kayaks is the Hobie "Pro Angler 12". Don’t let the smaller, twelve-foot size of this boat fool you. It brings with it a 500-lb. capacity, and it’s loaded to the gills with features that yak anglers have always wished for. Set up for right or left-handed steering, the PA 12 takes full advantage of the stealth and speed that comes with the turbo fins on the MirageDrive®. This boat comes fish-finder ready and is a stable platform for standing and sight-fishing. Hobie has also incorporated a tackle storage system,...
Hobie Outback
4.3 (9)
May 23, 2011   49773   0   7   0   0
Designed with the kayak angler in mind, the Hobie "Mirage Outback" comes loaded with features to meet the needs of the most demanding angler. The Outback sports a wide hull for stability, substantial open cargo space, and is equipped with three stowage hatches. Add to those qualities the maneuverability of the Mirage drive, the stow-and-go rudder system, and the wide side rails of additional space. The angler is given the hands-free experience they need to fight the catch of the day.
Jackson Kayak Kilroy
4.5 (6)
May 21, 2013   44635   0   13   0   1
Featuring the fast yet stable hull of the Cuda 12, the “Kilroy” moves Jackson Kayak into the arena of sit-in fishing and hunting kayaks. The Kilroy features all the things to expect from Jackson fishing kayaks like Hi-Lo seating, easy to access rod storage, and stand-up stability. The Kilroy offers a front dashboard that can also be moved to behind the seat, depending on user preference, and four new YakAttack polymer GearTracks to mount the included RAM Revolution rodholder to where it is most convenient.
158 results - showing 1 - 14  
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