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Feelfree "Moken 10 Angler"

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Feelfree Moken 10 Angler

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A short, maneuverable, and stable yak, the Feelfree "Moken 10 Angler" is a unique boat with many innovative features. The “Wheel in the Keel” allows you to roll the Moken 10 Angler to the launch. On the water, anglers will appreciate the flip-up console, self-draining front storage locker, and rear well is molded to accept a crate.

  • Bow storage locker
  • Wheel
  • 8” rubber round hatch
  • Handy flip up console
  • Fishing rod holder
  • Innovative molded-in handles


  • Width: 35" 89.5 cm
  • Weight: 60.6 lbs 27.5 kg
  • Capacity: 440 lbs 200 kg


Moken by grass
Moken on river
Feelfree Moken 10 Angler

Editor review

(Updated: June 18, 2013)
Overall rating 

A Worthy Fishing Vessel

Doug Davis of River City Canoe & Kayak approached Adam and I with an offer we couldn't refuse. Take out a Feel free Moken kayak for a month and tell him what we thought of it. That's it no strings attached! Often while demoing a kayak you don't have the opportunity to truly test it in all aspects and water conditions. This was not the case with the Feelfree Moken 10 Angler, it went with me everywhere this past month and this is what I though.

When I first stopped by Adams house to pick up the kayak one thought went through my head, “Wow this yak is huge!” Although only 10.3’ long its 35” wide beam gives this kayak a much larger look and feel. The kayak has a large bow storage area with hinged hatch. The bow hatch has a rectangular battery indent with strap for a fish finder or any other electronics. The storage area is totally self contained and has two scuppers’ that drain overboard allowing you to use it like a fish box. The hatch will stay up when opened allowing for easy access while on the water. Because the hatch is curved Feelfree was smart and added 2 notches that allow you to rest your rods down on the front hatch. The latch to the front hatch feels very solid and never came un hooked while the kayak was in use.

Right aft of the bow hatch is a center mounting area for a standard Scotty mount. Behind that is a small flip up console when the latching lid. My only complaint about the center console is it isn’t waterproof. A little waterproof seal with their solid latching system would have kept the center console dry enough for your phone or wallet. The 10’ model has build in foot rests but drain surprisingly well. There are 2 rod holders mounted by the foot wells that come standard with build in rod keepers.

Between your legs is a round 8” rubber hatch. The hatch if placed on snugly keeps water out and has a mesh bag for your keys or wallet. The main issue I had with the hatch is its placement. I’m constantly standing up in my kayaks and the hatch had a tendency to un-seal when my feet would bump into it. There are also 2 side net pockets that I found perfect for swapping out plastics. The standard seat I found more than adequate with high back and ample support, I never found myself doing the kayak shimmy because my legs were going numb.

Moving back you have a large bungeed tank well with drainage plug and 2 paddle keepers. Feelfree thought of almost everything with 3 different size indentations in the tank well allowing for multiple crate sizes. Also at the stern are 2 more rod holders with rod keepers and their wheel in the keel.

Performance… Living in Kentucky I was not able to test the Moken in surf; I did however take it onto The Ohio River and several Lakes and Creeks. The first thing you will notice about the Feelfree Moken 10 is its initial stability. With its 35” beam I was able to hop up and fish in almost all situations regardless of water conditions. The downside to the extra wide beam is performance in current and long distances. This kayak is by no means fast; my girlfriend, a relatively new paddler was able to out sprint me in an Ocean Kayak Trident 11. I did also notice some scupper slap while cruising which could be an issue while pursuing fishing on the flats. I also noticed while fishing on the Elkhorn, the wheel in the keel would catch on the bottom causing a large thump. Because the wheel hangs below the bottom of the kayak it will be the first part of the yak that hits the bottom.

Fishability… I took it out for the first time with the Louisville Kayak Fishing Group, my initial plan was to let everyone have a go and give it a paddle. An hour into our trip I didn’t want to fish in any of our other kayaks! Everything is well placed and within easy reach. I was able to access the bow storage without issue while on the water. I did find the 8” rubber hatch in the center of the kayak to be un-necessary. I personally would rather it be just a flat surface for standing. Other than adding an electronics mount this kayak is fully rigged and ready to go.

Portability… One of the defining features of the Moken 10 is the Wheel in the Keel. I found it very helpful when moving the kayak short distances. You will still need a kayak cart if you plan to transport over soft dirt or sand. The built in solid handles made it easier to lift than kayaks with strap handles. Because of the width and height of the hull car topping this kayak will take some getting used to. I was able to transport the Moken in both my Thule J hooks and Yakima Aero Saddles.

In summery The Feelfree Moken 10 Angler gets YakSushi’s stamp of approval, I found this kayak extremely stable and a worthy fishing vessel. Stop by and see Doug at River City Canoe & Kayak to give the Moken a try you will not be disappointed.

Pros & Cons

Nimble river kayak, easy to transport
Catches the wind, scupper slap, standing surface has a rubber hatch in the middle of it, wheel catches shallow rivers and makes loud thump
Moken on river
Moken by grass
Feelfree Moken 10 Angler
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