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Pelican "Tidewater 100"

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Pelican Tidewater 100

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The Pelican "Tidewater 100" Angler Kayak has all the essentials for fishermen and kayak enthusiasts. Three rod holders, two flush mount and one external, will guarantee that your rod is in the optimal position when you cast out your line. With plenty of room for storage, gear can be secured in the stern tank well or deck mounted dry hatch and is easily accessible.


Pelican Tidewater 100 Angler

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(Updated: September 16, 2014)
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Solid Beginner Kayak

Bought this after heckling my wife for the whole summer about getting a kayak after her father got one. I got a great deal on it - only $340 with paddle! The tightening knob on the front rod holder was missing so they gave me a Berkley Quick Set rod holder ($13 value), other than that it was good to go.

EDIT: I called Pelican and told them about the missing bolt and they sent me a whole new mount! Excellent customer service, and it arrived in 4 business days!

That night I happened to be going to a pool to swim and of course brought it with me. We tested it out, stood on it - for about 4 seconds, flipped it, practiced re-entry, etc. After about 3 flips it had a fairly substantial amount of water in the hull which was a bit concerning - but pulled the plug and emptied it out - good as new!

I took it out on a lake the next night - without fishing gear just in case, and was pleasantly surprised at the agility and speed. I poked around in all the nooks and crannies around the lake, and found that the draft was about 4" clearing some sunken trees. Granted that was not outfitted for fishing, found I sat a little lower loaded up but not a notable difference.

Went out with my father-in-law who owns a Crow Wing - made in MN. He was amazed at how lightweight mine was, and how it skimmed the water - much faster than his.

For the price I think this is one of the best deals you can get with the features of the front mount rod holder, paddle rest on the side, 8" center hatch, and full seat.

My only addition so far, is a Plano 3449 Mini Tackle box to the inside edge of the kayak, as there is no other closed storage space for lures and reaching around behind me to get to the big tackle box was a gigantic pain.

I plan on getting a fish finder installed in the Spring and be good to go for a few years before I decide to get a big boy yak.

Pros & Cons

Lightweight, Price
Only Decent Stability
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