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Future Beach "Nexus 144T"

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Future Beach Nexus 144T

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Future Beach
Nexus 144T Tandem
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The "Nexus 144T" is a sit on top tandem kayak with an added a center seat for those days when you feel like paddling alone. Standard with this tandem is our multichannel hull which provides you with the ultimate in stability and tracking. The Nexus 144T rivals the very best in this category.

This fully equipped tandem offers plenty of storage and features for a fun and full day on the water. Enjoy the day with a partner or go at it alone, you are sure to have a great time!


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Future Beach 144T Tandem Kayak Review

I picked up the Future Beach Nexus 144T Tandem sit on top kayak on sale at Costco. At $449, the price was about $200 better than anywhere else online. Also, the Nexus came with two paddles, two seats, and a car top tie-down kit that included four straps and foam blocks.

The Nexus 144T is not designed as a fishing-specific kayak, but its big interior space allows for modifications. The seating setup allows for two paddlers or for one paddler positioned in the center. I've tried paddling by myself and also with another paddler, and it tracks well in either situation. It is also very stable with one or two paddlers --- you would have to have almost the entire upper half of your body over the side before it starts to tip. The inside of the kayak stays dry with the scupper plugs in.

The kayak is on the heavy side at 70.5 pounds and it is slow. It is a two-person job to get the kayak loaded on roof of my wife's small SUV. Also, it is quite slow with one or two paddlers. Still, a leisurely 5 mile paddle didn't wipe me out when paddling solo (and I'm not in great physical shape).

The kayak has held up fine on the three non-fishing trips so far. Light scratches underneath, nothing more than that so far. The nylon pad eyes have broken in some reviews I've seen for this kayak - that seems like a legitimate concern, but I've used bungees on them and none of them have broken yet.

It has two 9-inch hatches. They aren't very deep, but will hold some items. The included seats were a nice bonus, but they are just adequate - the support on the bottom is OK, but the back support is below average. There are four built-in cup holders, and the locations of them are good.

This is a nice kayak for a first-timer like me, and I got it at a great price. It isn't loaded with features, but has just enough to get by.

Pros & Cons

Very Stable, great price, good sized interior
Heavy and slow
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