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Stealth Pro Fisha Duo

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Stealth Kayaks
Pro Fisha Duo
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The Pro Fisha Duo by Stealth is a tandem kayak that features two fully adjustable cockpits. This means it is suitable for anglers of various heights. The longer and narrower design of the Pro Fisha Duo when compared to the standard Duo also allows it to be much faster on the water. Thankfully this does not appear to have impacted the stability of the kayak much and it makes for a very stable fishing platform. If you are looking for a tandem kayak that performs great offshore and has considerable speed, then the Pro Fisha Duo definitely delivers.

The Pro Fisha Duo is 5.875m in length and has a maximum angler weight of 240kg, but can handle a capacity of up to 295 kg. It features front and rear molded carry handles and has one drain hole for the fish hatch and one for the hull. Both of these are easy to open and close. Front paddle rubber and elastic helps to prevent your paddle from slipping around when it is secured under the elastic. The protective mat is also useful for preventing scratches on your kayak when you secure your paddle to use your fishing rod. The Pro Fisha Duo has front and rear fish hatch lids for easy access to the central fish hatch. The central fish hatch can be used for stowing your rods as well as to store any fish you catch. The rods that you keep in here are protected from the rest of the contents thanks to the built-in rod shoot that curves upwards. For added convenience, both fish hatch lids have protective pads that can be used as a surface to cut your bait. The splash cover and hatch lever locks also ensure that the contents of the hatch aren't flooded even if you manage to accidentally roll over in your kayak.

For the design of the Pro Fisha Duo, Stealth uses specialized materials along with epoxy-based resin systems to keep it light and manageable. The design of the kayak also makes it easy to steer from the back seat while keeping an eye on kids or less experienced anglers in the front seat. Also, the kayak is easy to paddle by two people. The Pro Fisha Duo is relatively light for its size, so loading, unloading and carrying the kayak to where you need it can be done with relative ease.

Overall this is a very decent kayak that has a lot to offer anglers who are in search of a tandem fishing kayak.


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