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Old Town Twin Heron Angler Kayak

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Old Town Twin Heron Angler Kayak

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Old Town
Twin Heron
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Tandem fishing kayaks can be very useful if you regularly take along someone when you go angling, but finding the perfect one isn’t easy if you want to use it for solo excursions as well. Either the kayak can be used alone, but it is very cramped when used as a tandem or it is great as a tandem kayak, but way to unwieldy when used alone. The Twin Heron Angler from Old Town offers a solution to this problem with a tandem kayak that is a little more versatile.

The Twin Heron Angler is a respectable 13'6” long and 31.5” wide, but only weighs 62 lbs, which really isn’t bad for a tandem kayak. It features a three layer polyethylene constructionist, which is sturdy enough to handle maximum loads in the range of 450-500 lbs. What makes the Twin Heron so unique is its Auto Trim Hull. Basically what it does is prevent the bow from popping up when you take it out alone and sit in the stern seat. In fact, you can even remove the front seat completely if you need extra space for your gear.

Speaking of the seats, the Twin Heron comes with adjustable comfort flex seats in the front and back. Both seats have padding, so you can be sure that you’ll remain comfortable and it also has a support track foot brace system for additional comfort. The kayak also tracks really well for its size, even when used alone and stability isn’t an issue either. The interior of the Twin Heron is very spacious, but it doesn’t have any dry storage hatches, which could be an issue for some anglers. The lack of storage compartments is also a nuisance if you capsize as it only has a rear bungee for securing gear. Those with good do-it-yourself skills might be able to install their own storage options, but there are other fishing kayaks available in this price range that do a better job in this regard.

Apart from the lack of dry storage, the Twin Heron is a great tandem kayak and one of the few that are just as useful if you do go out alone. The auto trim hull is definitely its best feature, but overall it is very good. It has paddle holders, six rod mount receivers, two Cannon rod holders as well as cup holders, which is basically everything you need from a kayak for a great day of fishing.


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