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Native Titan 13.5 Propel

Native Titan 13.5 Propel

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Native Titan 13.5 Propel

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Native Watercraft
Titan 13.5 Propel
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If you find traditional kayaks a little cramped for your liking, but don’t want to switch to a boat, then the Native Titan 13.5 Propel might just be the answer to your prayers. Not only does it have ample space to accommodate anglers of all sizes, but it also features so many rigging options that you can customize it exactly like you want.

At 13'6” long and 41.5” wide, the Titan Propel 13.5 is an impressive looking kayak. Its fitted hull weight is about 154 lbs, while fully rigged with the seat and Propel Pedal Drive installed it weighs in at 178 lbs. Considering its size, it’s no surprise that the Titan has a capacity of 550 lbs, which gives you plenty of options. The Titan has a sharp bow and stern entry for tracking, which means it’s not just just large and stable, but also very maneuverable on the water. Speaking of stability, the Titan has a full length seat sliding track that allows you to move the comfortable hand-sewn seat out of the way and walk around on the deck with ease. It also has anti-slip standing pads to provide you with the additional grip needed to reel in the big catches. For increased stability the Titan Propel 13.5 has two stern power pole mounts that allow for dual anchoring.

For a kayak of this size you would expect plenty of room for your gear and the Titan does not disappoint in this regard. It has easy-to-reach horizontal rod storage, complete with rod tip protection, an under-seat storage tray, bow hatch with full storage, split-paddle storage, and a floor hatch. If this wasn’t enough, it also features a massive deck storage area to keep additional gear and you’ll find Groove tracks throughout the kayak. Finally, it has a convenient staging rod/cup holder spot right next to the seat. Thanks to their “first with reverse” Propel pedal drive, Native Watercraft has ensured that the Titan can get you where you need to go with ease. However, anglers who prefer a power-assisted ride will be glad to hear that the Titan will also accept trolling motors if purchased with Native Watercraft’s custom motor mount. It also has everything else you would expect from a high quality kayak, such as a transducer mounting plate, intuitive rudder system, and padded carry handles on the bow, stern and side.

The Titan Propel 13.5 is a large kayak, but makes very good use of all the space it has to offer. You not only get comfort and stability, but also speed, plenty of storage and a surprising amount of maneuverability. 


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