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Wilderness Systems "Radar 115"

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Wilderness Systems "Radar 115"

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Wilderness Systems
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Can’t make up your mind whether you want a kayak that is paddle, petal or motor driven? Well, with the Radar 115 from Wilderness Systems you can have all three. Along with the slightly bigger Radar 135, it is one of the first kayaks on the market that is tri-powered, which means you can switch between these three means of propulsion without having to buy a new kayak. It supports the HELIX PD pedal drive as well as the Helix motor drive, both of which can be fitted to the Radar 115 without having to make any further modification. The Radar 115 also uses the Wilderness Systems S.M.A.R.T hull, which stands for Stability, Maneuverability, Acceleration, Responsiveness and Tracking. What this means is that it is going to give you great performance no matter what type of water conditions you encounter.

Despite being shorter than the Radar 135 this kayak packs the same great features, which means an Orbix Bow hatch, flat mounting surface so you can mount more custom accessories, the large, padded Keepers XL footbraces that are easy to adjust and the Front SlideTrax accessory system for your accessories. The Flex POD OS Console System allows for easy installation of your fish finder electronics if you are not using a motor drive, or you can use the Flex Pod PD for a pedal drive system or electronics. For storage you have a rectangular center hatch that is not only watertight, but also flesh with the deck so you can easily stand on it while you are casting and fishing.

The Radar 115 also has an AirPro MAX seat, which is one of the most comfortable in the industry and offers multiple seating positions. Behind the seat you’ll also find ample space for your tackle boxes, crates or livewells thanks to the tankwell. Rigid carry handles on the front and rear of this kayak makes it easy to transport and it also features a stern mounting plate location for those who want to add aftermarket accessories.

The Radar 115 is a great choice if you want the versatility of choosing what type of propulsion you want depending on when or where you are using the kayak. It also packs a range of great features that are all designed to make your kayak angling experience more enjoyable.



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Wilderness Systems Radar 115

This is a great boat for many reasons but it is not without it's flaws, allow me to explain.
There are a few things that I wish could have been included with this boat such as some type of rod holder and deck padding which I added myself. Many boats now come standard with some kind of deck padding and at least some flush mounted rod holders. This boat deck is a bit slippery and squeaky without deck padding which is a miss for a boat touted for its stability and standing. The stability of this boat is really great, easy to stand and turn, kneel, sit sideways...really awesome and comfortable to stand and cast especially after I added some padding. One thing to note that there is some flex to the deck when standing not too bad but for a $1350 boat one would expect no flex.
The seat is awesome and that is saying alot coming from Jackson Boats, Having the abilty to trim is also really nice. One thing I found very frustrating is that it is not the easiest to get lined up on the gear tracks when installing.
This Boat is not light but not overly heavy at 82 pounds it does require some effort to car top alone.
The Radar 115 features what Wilderness Systems is calling S.M.A.R.T hull technology.
S is for Stability and it delivers
M is for maneuverability and it delivers again, this boat can turn on a dime.
A is for Acceleration and It takes some effort to get moving, one moving it paddles rather nicely
R is for Responsiveness and again it is very responsive to paddle adjustments and seat trimming.
T is for tracking and it falls a bit short here In my opinion alot of side to side action when the seat is trimmed to the stern, it gets better when trimmed forward. In windy conditions it tends to weathercock quite a bit. A rudder would do wonders for this boat. Now it is not terrible by any stretch in fact when comparing to a similar boat Feelfree Lure 11.5 it does much better in every aspect of paddling. For a boat of this Length, width and weight it actually does a great job in the paddling department. The ability to upgrade to a peddle drive or motor drive makes this boat even more versatile. One thing I have found is that this boat seems to feel like a workhorse, a boat you could just feel good about fishing in and getting dirty and know it will be durable and sturdy. This boat also has tons of gear track
to customize any way you might see fit. Overall I am very pleased with this boat it seems to be very capable in all areas, with the exception of some of the issues I have noticed.
For those looking for a VERY stable casting platform with a great seat and some very decent paddling for its size this deserves a look.

Pros & Cons

Stability, Trimable seat, open deck, Peddle ready
Tracking, boat weight, weather cocking, no deck padding or rod holders included
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