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Thursday, 06 January 2011 14:06

River 2 Sea Lures

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Typically during the winter months I spend time organizing my tackle, performing maintance on my rods and reels, and researching all things kayak fishing related.   I'll still get out on the water but with the cold weather and freezing lakes its certainly much fewer and further between trips, giving me a ton of time to surf the web.  One of my favorite things to do during this time on the web is to search for new gear or tackle that I can add to the arsenal so that I can hit the ground running come spring. 

Two items that I recently came across that will certainly get added to the tackle box this year is Larry Dahlberg's Diver Frog and Clackin' Crayfish.  Check out the video below of these two lures incredible action.



Diver Frog

Large Single hook with an innovative weed guard/diving collar system will make this a new bass catching machine.  The most incredible part of the new Dahlberg frog is the action of legs as the bait is retrieved.  They kick and move like a real frog.  This lure is a must see in action.  This frog has a hard floating body.  It will not water log at all.


Clackin' Crayfish

One of the secrets to the Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish is it's moving body and horizontal tail joint.  You know just what it's doing says Dahlberg, because you can feel the tail kick with your rod tip when you accelerate the lure!



Check out the video below of Larry Dahlberg fish these two lures!



For more about these products, please visit:  http://www.river2seausa.com

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