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Thursday, 19 August 2010 02:00

Magellan ToughCase

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Its no secret that I love to make use of my iPhone while on the water.  I use Navionics charts for finding structure.  I use Ustream to make live broadcasts. Both apps do a pretty good job at taxing my battery.  Not to mention that I'm plagued by worries of the phone getting wet when its not in my RAM AquaBox. But this new case from Magellan will resolve all my problems, and I can't wait to get one

Magellan_ToughCase_Open_LR1The Magellan ToughCase is a kayak anglers dream case. To begin with, it carries IPX-7 standard waterproofing. That means the case will protect your phone in three feet of water for about a half hour.  Rain and water splashes won't be much problem.  I won't have a problem if I drop it in my footwell when I have to stop filming and start fighting a fish. 

But it gets better.

The case actually plugs into the phone. Being a Magellan product, the case boasts an integrated SiRFstarIII GPS chip.  This chip is much more sensitive than the GPS chip in the iPhone and will give you much more exact GPS readings.  The SiRFstarIII GPS is compatible with all apps requiring GPS, so apps like Navionics will give you a better idea of exactly where you're at.

Going yet further is a built in battery. The 1840 mAh battery inside the ToughCase will essentially double the power of the iPhone. No longer do I have to worry quite as much about how much filming I'm doing, or using Navionics to track my position. I'm good to go for my usual days fishing.

MagellanToughCase_FrntThe ToughCase also gives you a headset plug, buttons all will work the way they usually do. You can actually use the touch screen.  Something you'll not be able to do with any other waterproof case out there that I know of.  The camera function is unhindered, something you don't get with other cases. The Magellan ToughCase also has external battery indicator LED, belt clip, and external iPhone buttons where they normally should be. The case also features a lanyard attachment so I can leash the phone to the kayak! Charging is done now through a mini-USB plug on the side, charging both the phone and case, and still acts just like the standard iPhone usb cable.

Don't have an iPhone? That's fine! The Magellan ToughCase also works with the iPod Touch.  This gives the Touch GPS functionality, allowing you to make use of all the GPS enabled apps that you might want to use that you couldn't before.

It is a bit bulky, but considering I wouldn't be putting this in my pocket, I don't have a problem with that.  The ToughCase carries an MSRP of $199. Expensive it might seem, but how many GPS devices with touchscreens and the ability to run other apps are out there?  I think, in the end, its worth it...

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Isaac Miller

About the Author: Isaac Miller considers himself an "equal opportunity angler" and will fish anything that will take a hook. Isaac often makes live internet video broadcasts when fishing from his kayaks, giving up-to-the-second reports on conditions and tackle choices. He also blogs at www.isaac-online.com and is a YakAngler.com Pro Staffer as well as Co-Host for Kayak Fishing Radio's Wild West show, PR Director for Recycled Fish, and co-owner of Green Tackle.

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