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Sunday, 03 January 2021 15:05

SteelShad Fishing Company Adds 5 New Glow Colors In 2021

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SteelShad bladebait is a favorite amongst many anglers for its ability to target everything from walleye, bass, and pike to crappie, perch, and trout. 
Apart from these freshwater fish, it is also effective against snook, jacks, stripers, and blues for those who prefer saltwater fishing. Thanks to their super-tight, reverberating action these lures are more than capable of drawing vicious strikes.
The SteelShad Fishing Company recently announced that in the new year anglers can look forward to some new additions to their popular Heavy Series and Mini-Series. The wait won't be too long either as five new glow colors are being added starting January 1st, 2021. These new glow-in-the-dark patterns will be available in Glow White, Glow Yellow, Glow Silver, Glow Orange as well as Glow Green.
According to Kevin Lewis, CEO of SteelShad Fishing Company, these glow in the dark patterns is something that a lot of their customers have been asking for. However, it took two years of research and development to find the best glow materials available and refining the colors to appear exactly as intended underwater. Lewis added that it was worth it, though, as the patterns are a smashing success. The goal was to create something that can be seen underwater from a considerable distance at significant depths and that can instantly recharge between casts.
SteelShad's new glow patterns are also very simple to use as they can be charged instantly by sunlight or any other light source. This means that for daytime fishing there are no special accommodations needed to keep them glowing. However, even in low-light conditions, any flashlight can be used to immediately recharge the glow colors between casts.
Stephen Price, President, and CFO of SteelShad, expressed his excitement about the new lures and how they adhere to the company motto of being built to catch any fish, any time, any season. Price recommends the brightest colors for the deepest, darkest, or most discolored waters while the less intense luminescent colors are great for clearer water or under bluebird skies. He believes that the glow orange and glow green, in particular, could be a big draw for salmon in the Pacific Northwest, as well as deep-water trout. It's the glow silver color that is the wild card in the bunch, though, with its diamond pattern laid over glow white material creating a unique, broken-scale pattern.
These five new glow colors can be found at most local outdoor retailers or online this coming January. For more information on why SteelShad catch more fish, check out the handy diagram below.
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