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Friday, 27 November 2020 05:51

Taking A Closer Look At Bagley's Pro Sunny B

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The Bagley Pro Sunny B was originally introduced in 2018 and was designed for anglers in search of a larger "pro-sized" fast-action balsa wood bait.
It is a three-inch, half-ounce squarebill precision weighted lure that is not just easy to cast, but also able to achieve consistent 5-6 running depths. In addition to a higher body profile with tremendous buoyancy, the deliberately designed tight action of the Pro Sunny B is useful for when fish are more docile. To achieve this tight action the Pro Sunny B functions as a cross between a round and flat-sided crankbait. Also useful is its square lip, which can handle heavy cover and lets you work around laydowns so it can reach all the typical big bass spots.
For many anglers, such as Bagley Pro Drew Benton, the Pro Sunny B is their go-to bait for fall fishing. According to Benton, about 90% of his fall crankin' is centered around this squarebill. Benton also praises the castability of the Pro Sunny B compared to the lightness and buoyancy of typical balsa baits. These are factors that make balsa baits hard to throw, but the Pro Sunny B manages to counter this. Another thing that impresses Benton about the Pro Sunny B is the way it hits cover. For him, that is the key with a squarebill crankbait as hitting cover and making erratic movements is what triggers bites.
Benton also has some useful tips for anglers in regards to the choice of color. Throwing the correct color during the fall can make all the difference in the world. Benton himself primarily uses shad patterns but does make use of black back with chartreuse if the water is dirty. Perch, craw, or bluegill patterns are his go-to choices for river systems that don't necessarily have big shad populations. However, in areas like the Tennessee River where there are large shad migrations during fall, you can't go wrong with shad patterns.
Bagley Pro Scott Canterbury also added that he fishes the Bagley Pro Sunny B all the way from early fall through winter and into early spring. Like Benton, Canterbury is very impressed by the deflection rate of the Pro Sunny B as it really helps when it comes to big bites. His gear recommendation is a seven-foot, medium-heavy cranking rod and a reel in the gear ratio range of lower six to 7:1. For lines Canterbury prefers the Pro Sunny B on fluorocarbon, opting to use 10 to 12 or 15-pound test fluorocarbon depending on water color and depth.
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