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Sunday, 18 October 2020 17:11

Northland Butterfly Blade Harness Is Perfect For Walleyes and More

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Old school anglers may remember the saddle-stitched book, Nightcrawler Secrets, written by Bill Binkelman during the sixties. Binkelman was a sporting goods store manager from Milwaukee, but knew a thing or two about fishing and revealed his secrets in his book.


He discovered that the best way to entice gamefish was with the use of lively, properly presented nightcrawlers that are fished with finesse. Of course, time and technology have moved on since then, but nothing has diminished the magical attraction of live nightcrawlers. The only difference is that brands like Northland Fishing Tackle now provide anglers with contemporary rigs and harnesses to make things even easier.


One of Northlands' new additions for 2020 is the Butterfly Blade Harness, which has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the deadliest spinner rigs for walleyes as well as other nightcrawler guzzlers. These include bass, perch, and outsized panfish. It doesn't even take much in terms of action to get the lightweight Butterfly Blade oscillating. Not only does it ride higher in the water column, but it also spins at slower speeds than traditional, metal Indiana or Colorado designs. This is thanks to the cleverly cut and contoured polycarbonate blade of the rig.


The Butterfly Blade Harness has its fair share of fans among pro anglers, including Brian "Bro" Brosdahl. He has stated that his favorite feature is how it can be fished at any speed and still work. Whether pulled slow or fast, the blade is always spinning while the colors Northland came up with is perfect for just about every situation. Bro also praised the Butterfly Blade Harness for being able to use it with a full crawler, a partial crawler, or a leech. This versatility opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to fishing weeds or bottom bouncing over rocks and sand bars. Since there are different size blades available anglers can go big and aggressive or opt for a bit more finesse, depending on the situation and what they are chasing. Since its release, the Butterfly Blade Harness has garnered a lot of praise from Northland customers on social media.


The radical Butterfly Blade Harness is available at $3.99 and comes in two blade sizes, 1 7/8 inc. as well as 1 3/8 inch. There is also a diverse pallet of twelve color patterns to choose from. Also, the harness features a 60-inch snell/leader for stealth and two premium Needle-Point Hooks. The Butterfly Blade Kit is also available online from Northland for $59.99. It includes single-hooked Butterfly Blade Rigs, Butterfly Blade Harnesses, and Butterfly Blade Float'R Harnesses, for a total of 18-pieces. For more information about these products and more, check out the official Northland Fishing Tackle website (https://shop.northlandtackle.com/).

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