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Tuesday, 07 July 2020 07:34

PHOOZY Is Like a Spacesuit For Your Phone

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Let's face it, if you are a kayak angler then dropping your mobile phone in the water or getting it wet are both very real dangers. 
Thankfully, there are ways and means to protect your phone from these hazards. However, very few phone protectors out there also safeguard your device from overheating in the sun when you are out on a kayak all day. This is where PHOOZY has the edge as it is basically a "spacesuit" for your phone that can protect it from pretty much everything mother nature is able to throw your way.
According to the creators of PHOOZY, it was inspired by the technology that NASA uses in the spacesuits worn by astronauts. This means that it can easily keep your phone safe from all kinds of extreme conditions. The brand also recently launched its brand new Realtree Mako print collection. It's quite a big deal as there are only four other brands in the entire nation that has permission to use this design.
The MSRP for PHOOZY varies depending on the device, but prices generally start from $30 and go up from there to about $60. The major benefit of PHOOZY is that it floats if you accidentally drop it in the water, which is extremely important for anyone who dreads seeing their expensive phone sink to the bottom of a river or lake. It also features NASA inspired insulation that is actually able to keep your device from overheating. Kayak anglers often spend the entire day out in the sun, which can wreak havoc on phones if they are not properly protected against the elements. This insulation works both ways, though, so if you are out fishing in the extreme cold it will also prevent the battery from dying. This is something that virtually no other phone protectors are able to offer. Of course, PHOOZY is also durable enough to protect your phone from a nine-foot drop. Finally, it has loops that allow you to easily attach it to your belt, bag, gear, or wherever you want it to be within easy reach.
There are lots of good reasons to have your phone nearby when kayak angling and with PHOOZY you can do so without having to stow it away inside a hatch or drybag where it is not easy to reach. The new Realtree Mako print design also makes it a good match for other kayak gear.
Check out the official website at https://phoozy.com/ for more information about PHOOZY and let us know what your thoughts are about this innovative protector.
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