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Sunday, 24 May 2020 09:45

Why Z-Man's ElaZtech Softbaits Are So Remarkable

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Although soft baits are very popular right now, this was not always the case even as recently as fifteen years ago. 
The creation of soft baits containing vinyl plastics, pigments, and oils can be traced back to the plastic worm created by Nick Creme seven decades ago. It was his ingenuity that kick-started the soft bait industry, but decades later it's surprising to see PVC plastics still ruling the roost when it comes to bait manufacturing. While everything from rods, reels, lines, and electronics have seen many iterations as new materials and technologies were discovered, the same really can't be said about soft baits.
This does not mean that there are no more pioneers in the field of soft baits, though. Z-Man Fishing, who could have rested on their laurels after becoming one of the world's largest providers of silicone lure skirts, turned their attention to the humble soft bait in the mid-2000s and haven't looked back since. Their motivation was the creation of bait that is not only made from an environmentally benign substance but also able to outperform traditional PVC baits. According to Jolee Myers, Operations Manager at Z-Man Fishing, inspiration came from some of the unlikeliest sources. In fact, it was some creepy-crawly kids' toys that actually had most of the properties they were looking for when examining existing products and materials. What really drew their attention was that the material could float without the need to add things like plastic beads or microballoons. This was quite an important discovery for them because it would allow for the creation of more realistic looking bait. Everything from tails, claws, and appendages could be added to the bait, which would result in a more natural, lifelike posture as it floated.
Unfortunately, it was as easy as simply using the commercially available compounds for fishing baits. Myers has stated that it ended up taking three years to finally develop the perfect material and the right machines and processing in order to create the baits. This state-of-the-art material was dubbed ElaZtech, which is something all Z-Man fans should be familiar with. Since then Z-Man has continued to innovate new formulas and ways to improve the fishability of their baits. They have also maintained their USA based operations to ensure that they can control and perfect every aspect of their bait making.
The earliest ElaZtech baits were created by Z-Man for Strike King Lure Company and it wasn't until 2008 that the brand decided to come out from behind the scenes and promote themselves. The result was baits such as the TroutTrick and Diezel MinnowZ becoming worldwide bestsellers. For more information about Z-Man and their fascinating history check out their official website (https://www.zmanfishing.com/cms/about.php) and browse their great selection of baits (https://www.zmanfishing.com/cms/elaztech-plastics).
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