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Sunday, 03 May 2020 14:36

ViperSharp Kickstarter A Success

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Most kayak anglers are also avid outdoor enthusiasts, which means a sharp knife is an essential part of their gear. A great way to ensure that your knives stay sharp is the ViperSharp Diamond Knife Sharpener System. 
Thanks to four different diamond stones it is able to give you a perfect edge every time. Best of all, it's packed in a convenient, compact kit that can be assembled in a matter of minutes.
Knife enthusiasts should be familiar with diamond sharpening stones, or "hones" as they are also known. Simply put, they can sharpen even the toughest steels while retaining their longevity in the process. This is what makes the four hones included in the ViperSharp Diamond Knife Sharpener System so handy. Thanks to the four hones that consist of a continuous monocrystalline diamond surface on steel plates you can get precise and exact angles on every pass. It's also fast and easy to use without having to worry about messy or sloppy edges.
However, the Diamond Knife Sharpener System is not the only thing that ViperSharp has up their sleeves. They recently ran a Kickstarter to take things up a notch with the Advanced Diamond system. The project launched on April 2, 2020, and reached the halfway mark six days later. After a seven day extension to get the word out more about the project, it was funded successfully on April 23, 2020 thanks to 95 backers who pledged $17,043. The creator, Mike Wood, immediately began with production and preparing orders.
Check out the official ViperSharp website (https://vipersharp.com/vipersharp-video-gallery/) for more information about the professional precision sharpening system as well as tutorials on how to get a good sharp edge on your knives. During this time of social distancing and lockdown restrictions, it might be the perfect opportunity to put some extra time towards sharpening your knives in preparation for the next fishing trip.
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