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Thursday, 19 March 2020 10:57

Daiwa's New Zillion 10.0 Reel Is Designed To Excel At Fast Retrieves

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Daiwa recently unveiled its Japanese engineered and manufactured Zillion 10.0 reel and it is quite an impressive piece of gear. 

With a 10.0:1 gear ratio anglers can experience ten rotations of the spool for every full crank, which obviously opens up some exciting possibilities. The reel is not just great for moving lures extremely quickly, but can easily pull any uncooperative fish from structure and cover.

According to Daiwa the Zillion 10.0 should be especially enticing for fans of bass fishing due to its technique-specific brilliance. Because of its high speed retrieve it is a great reel for fishing topwater baits such as buzzbaits and frogs. However, it doesn't disappoint when it comes to lipless crankbaits and hardbody lures either if retrieval speed is what you are after.

Daiwa Field Marketing Manager, Marc Mills has stated that the brand paid heed to the wishes of the public who have been demanding a fast reel back in the Zillion line up. He also expressed his belief that Frog guys and Lipless guys are going to love the Zillion 10.0.

Zillion 10.0 is not just about speed and power either. This reel is manufactured from premium componentry to ensure that it is not just durable and lightweight but also has a comfortable feel. It features Daiwa's signature G1 Duraluminum SV Spool, which is balanced, light and efficient to help make controlled casts. The spool is also unique compared to other reels as it rests independently on precision, stainless steel ball bearings. This means that the spool spins freely and is not hampered by gear train friction when casting as is the case with reels where the pinion gear constantly rides the spool shaft.

The frame housing the inner workings of the Zillion 10.0 also has side plates that are constructed from the same premium alloy. Gears are kept in precise alignment thanks to being encased in aluminum, so it has tighter tolerances. Simply put, the Zillion 10.0 is going to last much longer than reels that are not encased in aluminum as the latter has a tendency to get sloppy over time.

There is a lot more to be said about the Zillion 10.0, such as its exclusive T-Wing System, Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag, and swept handle, so check out the official website (https://www.daiwa.com/us/contents/reels/zillion10/index.html) for more information or get in touch with Daiwa directly via phone or email.

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