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Saturday, 25 January 2020 13:50

The Luminser Lantern and The Mock One Makes Overnight Kayak Fishing Trips More Convenient

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The only thing better than a good day of kayak angling is going on an overnight or weekend fishing trip where you can enjoy the great outdoors. 

Of course, if you are going to be spending your time on the water as well as camping somewhere overnight, it increases the amount of gear that you need to bring with you. However, thanks to items like the Luminser Lantern and the Mock One, you can take care of light and comfort without the need to overload your kayak.

The Luminser Lantern

A reliable source of light is a must while camping overnight during your kayak fishing trips, but the fuel or batteries that camp lanterns require can take up a lot of space. The Luminser is the world's first LED oil-lantern, which means that it can collect thermal energy from nothing more than a small tea candle. It then converts this energy into the power required to illuminate its LED bulbs. With the ability to last up to eight hours from a single candle, it's hard to beat The Luminser when it comes to efficiency. It also has three different settings, depending whether you want to use it as a comfortable reading light, powerful flashlight, or just prefer sticking to light from the flame. It is lightweight, durable and not having to rely on batteries, cords or even sunlight makes it extremely useful. It is even built purely from recyclable material and it is Eco-friendly enough to reduce CO2 and black carbon emission by 90%. Check out the official website at https://www.luminiser.com/ for more information about this handy lantern.

The Mock One

Sleeping under the stars when the weather is good is an awesome experience and it can save you a lot of effort if you don't have to put up a tent. Unfortunately, sleeping on the ground is not as pleasant. A hammock is a great option for sleeping above the ground, but what do you do if there are no trees around? The Republic of Durable Goods came up with The Mock One, which is the world's first compact folding hammock. It doesn't require any trees to suspend it above the ground as it has its own internal sturdy frame. Best of all, it can be collapsed into a small, easy-to-carry duffel bag that won't take up too much valuable space on your kayak. You can even customize it with accessories, such as a quilt for warmth, tarp for rain and shade or bug net depending on your needs. Check out www.republicofdurablegoods.com for more information about The Mock One.

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