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Tuesday, 26 November 2019 10:51

Add Some Extra Security To Your Outdoor Activities With The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Tracker & Safety Beacon

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We have featured plenty of articles in the past about the safety aspects of kayak angling and ways to protect yourself, but one can never be too safe. 
One company that is trying to provide all outdoor enthusiasts with a little more peace of mind is Breadcrumbtech and their off-grid Bluetooth tracker. They are currently running an Indiegogo campaign for Breadcrumb, which is a new outdoor tracker that promises to deliver a complete tracking network.
Breadcrumb is not just always on and weatherproof, but it offers up to six months of battery life with replaceable batteries and requires no cell service. It has a Bluetooth range of up to 300ft, location sharing, light, and sound activation, and offers graphic mapping and location. With this device, you will be able to create a tracking grid with your friends' mobile phones via Bluetooth, or use location sharing to go out alone with some extra peace of mind.
The way Breadcrumb works is that you can share device access with as many contacts as you want and each of these contacts can then search for your device via Bluetooth at the same time. Any of your contacts can also activate the light and sound beacons of your device from as far as 300 ft away. This can be really useful if you go out on a fishing expedition and get separated or encounter bad weather like mist that can make it difficult to find your friends. If Breadcrumb is used when in an area with cell service, it also shares location data to all invited contacts via the cloud. The neat thing is that the more devices and contacts you add the greater your tracking grid expands.
Of course, Breadcrumb is not only useful for keeping track of others when you go out kayak fishing but can also be used to mark things like your gear, campsite or even pets. The fact that Breadcrumb can use Bluetooth also makes it more useful than devices that are limited by cell service coverage. The ultra-bright LED lights and sound beacon of this device make it impossible to miss and the price has also been kept affordable. The breadcrumb solo beacon can be pre-ordered for as little as $30, while there are also discounts for packs ranging anywhere from two to twenty devices.
For more information about Breadcrumb, check out the official website (https://get.breadcrumbtech.com/).
Naomi Bolton

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