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Monday, 12 August 2019 03:29

New LIVETARGET Injected Core Technology Baits

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LIVETARGET unveiled their new bait-manufacturing technology at ICAST 2019 and it was impressive enough to garner them three awards. 
Their all-new construction innovation is called Injection Core Technology and it earned them top honors in three different award categories. Their LIVETARGET Erratic Shiner got the "Best Freshwater Hard Lure" award while the LIVETARGET Flutter Sardine was awarded the "Best Saltwater Hard Lure. Finally, the "Best Saltwater Soft Lure" went to the LIVETARGET Slow-Roll Shiner. It was quite an accomplishment for LIVETARGET to sweep three out of the four categories in the ICAST New Product Showcase as there were more than 650 entries to compete against.
According to LIVETARGET, the purpose of their Injected Core Technology is to address the lack of both realism and detail  that stems from using traditional manufacturing techniques. The biggest issue for most manufacturers is creating baits that are realistic in profile while still being able to maintain the desired action as well. This is due to the fact that a mechanical shape was necessary to create an accurate action. While mechanical shapes could be used to create strike-provoking movements, the end result always detracted from the realism of the lure in terms of looks. This meant that even if the flash and movement of the lure attracted a game fish, the unnatural mechanical profile could easily make it wary once it got close enough.
LIVETARGET addressed this issue with ICT. The secret is a lifelike inner-core, which is constructed with realistic forage profiles as well as detailed anatomy and vibrant colors. This core is then encapsulated in a clear, durable Exo-Skin in order to generate the signature action of the bait. Because the Exo-Skin is less noticeable underwater the game fish will focus on the natural profile of the Inner-Core without being alarmed by the action-generating mechanics. 
The ICT lures not only look more realistic from a distance, but also up close, which is what matters most. A huge advantage of these lures is the ratio of the plastic between the Inner-Core and Exo-Skin. Since the Inner-Core is about 30% smaller than the overall cubic mass of the entire lure, it gives anglers the advantage of being able to throw a bigger bait while still presenting a smaller hatch size. With this comes the benefits of increased water displacement along with extra weight for longer casts and the ability to present a smaller hatch while still using larger hooks. 
Check out the LIVETARGET website for more information about the ICT Erratic Shiner (https://livetargetlures.com/products/erratic-shiner), Flutter Sardine (https://livetargetlures.com/products/flutter-sardine), and Slow-Roll Shiner (https://livetargetlures.com/collections/new/products/slow-roll-shiner). These baits and many others are available now to both dealers and anglers. 
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