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Saturday, 01 June 2019 06:00

No Ice Required For The GoSun Solar-Powered Cooler

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Kayak anglers who spent a lot of time out in the blazing sun will know exactly how refreshing it is to reach into their cooler and pull out a frosty beverage to hydrate. 
Unfortunately, this often means having to lug around a heavy cooler that is packed with extra bags of ice to keep the contents cool. Since space and weight are important factors to consider when on a kayak, this often results in soggy sandwiches or warm beverages when opting for cheaper, lighter coolers.
This doesn't have to be the case anymore, thanks to GoSun, the company who made a name for themselves with their patented vacuum insulated solar ovens. Their latest innovation is the GoSun Chill, which is basically a high-efficiency cooler that can use the energy from the sun to keep its contents cold or frozen. This means that you no longer have to worry about brining along a mountain of ice to keep your cooler frosty.
The GoSun Chill is able to accomplish this by combining the technology of brushless compressor motors along with lithium ion batteries. It's similar in size to a regular cooler, but you will be able to fit more in the Chill 40-liter cooler due to the fact that you don't need to add any ice. The GoSun Chill doesn't just run off the included Lithium Powerbank either, but also comes with all the integrated components needed from alternative sources as well. This includes typical household AC power, mobile 12 Volt sources and, best of all, optional solar panel charging. The latter is especially useful if you regularly go on overnight kayak fishing expeditions. Since the included 144wh Powerbank is detachable, you can also use it to power your laptop, cellphones, and other portable accessories if needed.
According to the founder and Ceo of GoSun, Patrick Sherwin, the GoSun Chill is a game-changer for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, but would prefer a cleaner, more efficient way to keep food and drinks cold without having to worry about ice. The GoSun Chills is now available on Indiegogo, with a price tag of $479. The cooler will begin shipping to backers in August of 2019, so your days of having to struggle with heavy, ice filled coolers might soon be over. For more information, check out the official GoSun website where the cooler will also be available this summer. 
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