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Friday, 19 April 2019 12:30

The Livetarget Fleeing Shrimp Raises The Bar For Shrimp Imitating Lures

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LIVETARGET first introduced their Fleeing Shrimp lure at ICAST 2018 where it won Best in Show for Saltwater Soft Lure. It's no surprise either, as this lure really offers a seamless combination of biologically precise shrimp profile and anatomy  along with a dynamic color palette and biomimetic action. 
In addition, the Fleeing Shrimp is constructed of robust saltwater components, so that it can withstand the harsh fishing conditions. The result is a soft lure that is able to replicate everything from the appearance and sound to the actions of a living shrimp.
The attention to detail is what really sets the LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp apart from other soft lures. It not only features the correct body size and shape of a living shrimp, but comes with all the three-dimensional anatomical features to make the visual deception even more convincing. From tail and thorax segmentation to eyes, antennae and more, this lure is as close as you can get to the real thing. It also features a custom-designed jighead, with an extra-strong corrosion resistant hook and everything blends in seamlessly with the soft body of the Fleeing Shrimp without compromising the ultra natural profile. In addition, this lure is available in eight color patterns, ranging from sand and glass to brown, pink, grass and glow.
As impressive as the Fleeing Shrimp looks, it is even more realistic when the angler imparts any type of action. Thanks to the proprietary skirt of this lure it is able to perfectly emulate the motions made by the front legs of a living shrimp, even when at rest. Even the "fleeing" motion of the lure looks natural because the skirt folds together like the front legs of a living shrimp. The Fleeing Shrimp will also not spook wary fish when it comes to rest on the bottom as it not only stands perfectly upright, but the gentle up and down flow of the skirt material makes it look life-like enough to entice a bite. 
If you are an angler who likes to target redfish, snook and speckled trout, then you'll find that the LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp is extremely effective, especially when used in skinny waters. You can cast exceptionally long distances with this lure and cause it to "flee" backwards with just a quick jerk of the rod tip. Best of all, it has internal glass that rattles to create a ticking sound on the retrieve, which results in a chatter similar to that of a living shrimp. 
The LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp can be purchased in stores or online from the official LIVETARGET website (https://livetargetlures.com/collections/new-products/products/fleeing-shrimp). 
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