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Wednesday, 17 April 2019 04:12

Remote Fishing With Fishidy Offline Mapping

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Mobile fishing apps have been a game changer for many anglers as it enables them to not only discover great new spots, but can also show them where the fish are lurking. One of the most successful apps in this category is Fishidy, which is available on Google Play as well as the App Store. 
One of the things that has made Fishidy so popular with anglers is that it is not just an app, but also a community of anglers who share their activity and experiences with each other. In addition, the ability to use Fishidy to find thousands of fishing maps that are packed with useful information, such as depth contour lines, boat ramps and even fishing hot spots has won over many kayak anglers.
However, one of the things that has held a lot of these fishing apps, including Fishidy back was the lack of offline map. This has meant that as soon as anglers ventured out to remote areas where there are little or no connectivity options available to them, it meant that they had to resort back to fishing blind. Offline mapping has been one of the most requested features for Fishidy and, in a recent press release, the company has stated that it is now included in the premium version of the app. This means that Fishidy Premium users can now download any of the fishing hot spots maps that are available on the app to their mobile device ahead of time. When they reach their destination, no matter how remote, they will still be able to view any of the map features, such as depth contours, structures, and marked hotspots, on their mobile device. 
According to Jon Giacalone, the marketing manager for Fishidy, they were informed by their community about how common the connectivity issue is. This has prompted Fishidy to include the feature that allows premium members to complete access to whatever maps they want, no matter where they are. It is not only anglers who like to explore remote areas that can benefit from using Fishidy Offline Mapping either, saltwater anglers can also download maps if they plan on heading offshore. 
All that premium Fishidy users have to do to make use of offline mapping is to select a map area in the app and download it when they have connectivity. This map will then continue to be accessible on that device without any further need for internet or Wi-Fi connectivity. For more information about Fishidy, including what other benefits the premium version has, head on over to the official website (https://www.fishidy.com). 
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