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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 14:16

New Neodry and NeoMesh Collections From Seattle Sports

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Seattle Sports has a couple of new products for 2019 that are aimed at anglers in search of an efficient storage solution for their items while kayak fishing. 
The brand, which is known for the waterproof bags and accessories they make for the outdoor and paddlesport market has released their NeoDry and NeoMesh collections this year. 
First up is the Neodry Stuff Sack, which is available in high-vis neon green and blue designs and 10 L as well as 30 L sizes. The Neodry Stuff sack is created from a familiar neoprene-like material, which makes it strong, smooth and very stretchy. Because of the flexible nature of the material, it also allows you to fit more gear inside the sack. In addition, the Neodry Stuff Sack is very lightweight, features welded seams for extra durability and has a 3-roll top closure. Since the Neodry Stuff Sack has a built in clear window, it also allows you to make a quick visual inventory of the items that you have stored in it.
Next up is the Neo Mesh Sack, which is designed for storing and air drying items that are already wet. It is also a good option for storing items that you don't mind getting wet while on the kayak, or items that already have protection against moisture. The Neo Mesh Sack features a high-vis neon green design and comes in sizes of 8 L and 20 L. Like the Neodry Stuff Sack, the Neo Mesh Sack has a very lightweight design and thanks to the neoprene-like panels, it is very easy to slide gear in and out. The material is also very stretchy, so you can stuff a surprising amount of gear even in the smaller sack. Because of the mesh, water is drained out of the sack, which means it can help to air-dry damp clothes. This is something that any angler who has ever returned from a trip with a sealed bag full of wet clothes will really appreciate. The welded seams of the Neo Mesh Sack also make it more durable and it features a 3-roll buck closure, so you can easily attach it to your kayak.
Most decent fishing kayaks feature plenty of storage space, but having a durable sack for keeping items dry or a mesh sack to air dry wet items can really be useful. Check out the Seattle Sports website (https://www.seattlesportsco.com/) for more information about these items as well as the other products that they have available.
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