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Fishing Rod Storage Options

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One of the most important items you will own, apart from your kayak, is your fishing rod as without it you can forget about catching anything. For such a valuable tool, it is surprising how little care often goes into the storage of fishing rods.
Kayak anglers often spend a lot of money on keeping their kayaks in perfect condition, but it is important not to overlook the rest of your equipment. Without proper care, equipment can and will break down over time, which can not only be inconvenient, but also very expensive. One of the most important items you will own, apart from your kayak, is your fishing rod as without it you can forget about catching anything. It is also not unusual for most anglers to own a couple of different rods and take a few of them with on their kayak. However, for such a valuable tool, it is surprising how little care often goes into the storage of fishing rods. This often results in rods that weakens or warps, which is a sure way to ruin it. It is not just proper storage in your vehicle and boat that matters, but also where your rods are kept at home. If don't have a dedicated and safe spot for your rods when they are not in use, then the following options are definitely worth a look.

KastKing Fishing Rod Rack

Price: $60
If DIY is not really one of your strengths and you want something that is very easy to assemble, then KastKing has got you covered with their aluminum rack. In addition to the fact that it doesn't require any tools to put together, this rack can hold up to 12 rods without taking up too much of your floor space. If you really have a serious fishing rod collection, then KastKing also has a 24 rod rack available, which won an ICAST award in 2015 for design. The nice thing about this rack is that while it keeps your rods neatly together, it still provides enough space for each rod, so that none of them overlap each other. Thanks to the cushioned holders of this rack your rod handles are also protected. 

Organized Fishing Horizontal Ceiling Rack

Price: $20-$30
If you don't have a lot of space on either the floors or walls, then this horizontal ceiling rack from Organized Fishing could be the answer to your rod storage problems. It is relatively inexpensive, but features a solid pine construction and can easily be screwed into place. If the wood design is not your cup of tea, then you might also be interested in their wire construction version that features a rubber coating for rod protection. Overall, this rack works best if you are a bass fisherman, but saltwater fishermen might find it a little cramped. However, considering the price it is not  bad purchase.

Rush Creek Creations Round 16 Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Price: $35
Just because a fishing rod rack is practical doesn't mean it can't look stylish too as Rush Creek Creations proves with this round storage rack. It can hold up to 16 different rods and features a colorful image of a bass breaching the water to make it more visually appealing. Another plus for this rack is its versatile slots and rod clips. On the base plate you will find capped slots for your rod handles and it also has soft rod clips that can adjust to any rod taper. The solid 38mm 2-piece steel center post of this rack ensures that it remains very stable and you also don't need any tools to assemble it. If you don't just want to store your rods, but also make sure that you display them nicely, then this is the rack to get. 

Wealers Fishing Rod Wall Rack

Price: $10.99
If you have a rather modest rod collection, but would like to keep everything off the floor, then this wall rack by Wealers can handle the job with ease. It offers storage on both sides and can hold up to three rods simultaneously. The weatherproof frame of the rack features a durable plastic design that is able to endure the elements, which it won't rot or corrode. This design also makes it very easy to clean as the surface is non-abrasive. Since the rack is all purpose, it can hold more than just your fishing rods too, and some anglers have even been using them to store their kayak paddles. 

Rush Creek Creations Storage Corner Rack

Price: $50
When it comes to rod storage that is functional as well as stylish, it is hard to beat Rush Creek Creations. This corner rack is a great choice if you want to proudly display your fishing rods instead of simply storing them away somewhere out of sight. The rack can hold up to 12 rods in a vertical position and has been made from solid pine. Rush Creek Creations made use of a natural drying process to create splits in the wood, which gives this rack a very nice rustic look and feel. If you have a right-angle corner where other racks or furniture won't fit, then this rack could be just what you need. 


Let us know on the forum or in the comments below what your solution is for fishing rod storage. If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with DIY skills, then feel free to post photos of your own custom fishing rod racks for others to admire. If not, which rod racks have you found to offer the best value for money when it comes to convenience and durability. 
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