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Wednesday, 14 February 2018 03:20

Five Yak Angling Watches Worth Your Time

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For many people wristwatches have become outdated, with cellphones fulfilling all of their functions and more. Many others who do still wear wristwatches, do so more as a fashion statement and not really as a way to know what time it is. However, this doesn’t mean that wristwatches are completely obsolete just yet. 

In some instances, such as when you are out on the water with your kayak, fumbling around for your phone isn’t the most practical option. Watchmakers have also realized this, which is why there are quite a few watches on the market that are geared specifically towards anglers. So, if you are looking for something that can let you know at a glance how long you’ve got left before it’s time to head back to shore, you can do far worse than one of the following watches.

Casio G-Shock G-9100-1


If you like doing your kayak angling in the ocean and want something sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions, then the G-Shock G-9100-1 by Casio is what you need. It is a digital watch that doesn’t only displays the time, but is able to do so in 29 time zones. In addition, it provides moon data as well as a tide graph. The G-9100-1 has an auto electroluminescent backlight with Afterglow, so you can easily see what time it is even in low light. As well as looking rather sleek, thanks to its stainless steel case, the watch has a black resin bezel to provide shock resistance. Finally, it has a black resin band that ensures a secure fit and, best of all, it won’t stick to your wrist when wet. As with all good kayak angling watches, this one is water resistant up to a depth of 660 feet.

Casio Men’s AMW700B-1AV Ana-Digi Forester Fishing Timer Watch


Another great option for anglers from Casio is their AMW700B-1AV watch. In addition to displaying the time in analog and digital format, the watch also has a compass function. It features a durable mineral window to shield the face, stainless steel case and durable black weather wristband with an adjustable buckle clasp. The digital display not only shows the time, but also the day, date and moon cycle. What makes this watch particularly interesting to anglers is the fact that it can calculate the best time to fish based on latitude, longitude and lunar movement. Throw in the fact that it is water resistant to 300 feet and has an expected battery life of 10 years and you are looking at a keeper.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth Mens GPS Fishing and  Hunting Watch


Not many people have in excess of $300 to spend on a watch, but if you do have the cash then you can do far worse than the Traverse Alpha Stealth by Suunto. As the name suggests, this is a watch that is geared towards fishing and hunting, so you get all kinds of useful features like sunrise alert, moon phase calendar, weather trend and a red backlight for nighttime use. The watch has a digital face, so it can also keep you on track with GPS/GLONASS navigation and enables you to plan your routes as well as keep a diary of your fishing trips. It has water resistance of up to 330 feet, comes with a built-in compass and can even alert you if there are storms expected in your area. The Traverse Alpha Stealth is tested to military standards, so durability is definitely not a concern either.

Sunroad FR830 Digital Sport Outdoor Tide Watch


For kayak anglers that want a smart watch that can do almost as much as their mobile phones, but on a budget, the FR830 by Sunroad is a good choice. It’s not the flashiest looking watch out there, but it does come packed with plenty of features. Even if you don’t want or need all of the features, it is good to have them just in case. What this watch has to offer is an electronic compass, clock, stopwatch, world time, altimeter, barometer, tidal data, moon phase chart, log record and much more. The watch is unfortunately not as durable as more expensive items and the display can be hard to read, but if you are on a tight budget, it will get the job done.

Field & Stream Men’s Pocket Watch


If you are the type of kayak angler who enjoys keeping things straightforward and simple, then this watch from Field & Stream could be ideal. Unlike the other watches, this one features a spring clip, so instead of wearing it on your wrist you can simply attach it to your vest or PFD. It doesn’t have all the high-tech features found on digital watches, but it keeps accurate time and also features compass markings. The light green, ultra-luminous face of the watch ensures that it offers great readability even in low light while the watch is also water resistant up to 99 feet.

In Conclusion

There are plenty more watches available for kayak anglers, but these five offer a nice representation of what is out there. What are your thoughts on taking along a timepiece when angling? Do you find the angling specific features useful or see them merely as gimmicks? Do you want to be reminded of the time when you are fishing or is kayak angling your way to escape the pressures of deadlines? Let us know below in the comments or on the forum.

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