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5 Very Useful Apps for Kayak Fishing

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The type of equipment available to modern anglers has grown in leaps and bounds, which means gear that is safer, more reliable and more useful than ever before. However, advances in modern technology have also opened up new avenues for kayak anglers. This includes applications that are available on mobile devices, something that most people carry with them at all times. 

 These apps can be extremely useful to kayak anglers and can be used to make the task of catching fish easier and more enjoyable. Even if you are a purist and prefer relying on your own skills and intuition to reel in the big catches, some apps can still be handy from a safety point of view. Here are just a few examples of useful kayak fishing apps that deserve a spot on your phone.


Available - iOS / Android

With more than three million users, Fishbrain is easily one of the most popular angling related apps on iOS as well as Android. Its purpose is to connect like-minded anglers and find out where the best fishing locations are. It also provides users with fishing forecasts along with bait recommendations. Even anglers who don’t want or need any technological advantages will appreciate the ability this app has to log catches and keep track of your personal fishing statistics. It is also very interesting to see what other anglers in your area are catching. Although Fishbrain is free, to make use of the premium features a monthly subscription fee of $5.99 is required.

iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times

Available On: iOS

The iSolunar app is available for iOS with a one time fee of $4.99 and no subscription costs. It does have a couple of $0.99 in-app purchases in the form of custom location mapping and premium weather with tides. What you get for your money is an app that provides you with the peak feeding as well as activity times for all types of fish. This data is calculated based on the moon position as well as lunar phase, which can help you to increase your chances for success. You can enter the location for which you want information manually or by map and the app can also make use of your GPS location to provide the data. Anglers who also enjoy hunting will appreciate the fact that the app is just as useful for determining when the best hunting times are.

IGFA Mobile

Available On: iOS / Android

The IGFA Mobile app can be extremely useful to anglers who are still new to the hope and would like assistance with identifying the fish that they catch. However, there is more to it than just a comprehensive species ID section. Since the app is associated with the International Game Fishing Association, it can also be used to plan your trips, log your catches, and find out where the nearest IGFA weigh station is to you. In addition, the app is connected to the IGFA World Records database, so you can see all the records, including the ones that are vacant, approved or pending. IGFA Mobile is available on iOS and Android for a once off fee of $8.99.


Weather Underground: Forecasts

Available On: iOS / Android

All kayak anglers know how important it is to keep an eye on the weather and this app from Weather Underground offers a comprehensive way of keeping track of conditions. In addition to severe weather alerts, it provides accurate local weather forecasts along with interactive radar and satellite maps. What makes it so unique is that the data is crowd-sourced from a community of weather enthusiasts. Since the community makes use of more than 250, 0000 weather stations, it means you are able to get much better localized weather conditions compared to apps that only rely on airport weather stations. The app is available for free, but a yearly subscription of $.99 gets rid of all the pesky adverts.



Available On: iOS / Android

Kayak angling can be a real challenge in windy conditions. so an app like Windfinder can make life a little easier. It features animated wind and weather forecast maps, so you can make sure that your next fishing trip sees you battling the fish and not the wind. Windfinder has a wealth of information to check out, including the wind strength and direction, air temperature, air pressure and even the wave height, weave period and wave direction. The basic version of the app is free, but features adverts while the pro version, which gets rid of the ads and adds a few more features, is available for $2.99.


There is an incredible amount of apps available on both iOS and Android, which makes it impossible to evaluate or even find everything that is useful to kayak anglers. While the five apps mentioned here are extremely useful, you’ll also be able to find plenty of free alternatives from both stores. So, tell us what are your thoughts on using mobile phone apps to improve your kayak angling experiences and which apps have you added to your device.


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