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5 Sunglasses Worth Taking Along When You Go Kayak Angling

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One of the most overlooked accessories tends to be sunglasses, but not taking along a pair is usually a mistake that anglers only make once.

The most obvious advantage of sunglasses while kayak angling is that they provide protection from the harsh rays of the sun, but this is not their only purpose. A good hat or cap can still block some of the UV rays from the sun, but don’t do anything to safeguard your eyes from the reflective surface of the water around you. In fact, sunglasses still serve a purpose even in winter as they can protect you from getting water in your eyes, which is especially useful for saltwater anglers. In addition, sunglasses can safeguard your eyes from some of  the perils associated with kayak fishing, such as sharp hooks. However, not all sunglasses are created equal and while you can get by with a cheap pair of ordinary shades, there are better options available. The following sunglasses might cost a little more than a standard pair, but they all have features that make them invaluable to kayak anglers.

What To Look For

When it comes to purchasing yourself a good pair of sunglasses to take along on your kayak, don’t just look at the price. The fit of the glasses is just as important, which is why it is useful to always try them on if possible. Sunglasses that might look stylish and comfortable in a picture could end up being uncomfortable depending on the shape of your face. If you spend hours on the water, the last thing you need is the annoyance of constantly having to adjust your sunglasses. Useful features to look out for when making a decision is whether the lenses are shatterproof as well as if the color of the lenses match your needs. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to look for a pair of sunglasses that look stylish, especially if you are going to be photographing yourself with your catches.

1. Costa Trevally

Price: $239

Costa has named their Trevally angler sunglasses in honor of the fish with the same name. These glasses score a lot in terms of style, but there are more to them than just good looks. The Trevally range is available in an assortment of color combinations, but you can also choose your own frame and lens colors if you are really picky. These sunglasses come with co-molded temples in order to offer a better fit and are 100% polarized, which reduces glare without compromising your vision. With seven different lens colors to choose from, you can also ensure that you get the best match for the light conditions you usually encounter when fishing.

2. Transitions Drivewear

Price: $99+

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that are not only useful on your kayak, but also during the drive to get to your favorite fishing spot, then Transitions Drivewear comes highly recommended. What makes these sunglasses so unique is that they were designed in such a way that you won’t need to constantly swap between different pairs depending on the light conditions. Instead, these sunglasses feature photochromic technology and automatically changes between three different colors. This means that the glasses remain useful whether you are fishing during sunrise, dusk, during bright sunlight or in fog. In addition, Transitions Drivewear sunglasses are impact resistant, lightweight, anti-scratch and offer 100% UV blockage.

3. Jonathan Paul Eyewear Fitovers

Price:  $69+

The great thing about the range of sunglasses by from Jonathan Paul Eyewear Fitovers is the fact that they are designed to fit over your prescription glasses. This is something that a lot of anglers who wear prescription glasses have to deal with. Instead of sacrificing some of your vision for a comfortable pair of sunglasses or enduring uncomfortable sunglasses over your prescription glasses, the Fitovers offer a more practical solution. In addition to comfort, the Fitovers also provide great UV and glare protection. They also have a wide selection of models to choose from, but the ones with amber lenses work best if you want to scout for fish.

4. Oakley Mainlink Prizm

Price: $183+

The Mainlink sunglasses from Oakley features Prizm lens technology that enhances detail, so you can keep a closer eye on your surroundings when angling. In addition, the glasses feature a lightweight, yet durable design along with comfort. Since the glasses are polarized they filter out reflected glare, but go one step further by doing so without any haze or optical distortion. You can also choose the type of Mainlink glasses suitable for your angling needs as they are available in “Deep Water” and “Shallow Water” variations.

5. Smith Guide’s Choice

Price: $229

Although slightly on the expensive side, the Guide’s Choice sunglasses from Smith Optics is very popular amongst anglers. The lenses are polarized to reduce glare and block UV rays, but also feature hydroleophobic coating to repel water, grease and dirt. Back glare is also not an issue thanks to the anti-reflective mirror coating on the lenses. The quality can also be seen in the smaller features of these sunglasses, such as the premium Italian spring hinges along with megol nose and temple pads.

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Great article. I'm in the market for some new ones.

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