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Monday, 09 October 2017 04:13

MFC Launches Tungsten Splitshot

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Traditionally, if you wanted to sink, drift and swim flies in an efficient manner you were pretty much limited to using either tin or lead weights.

Materials that are denser and harder, such as tungsten do exist, but presented a challenge to work with. Montana Fly Company came up with the solution to using this natural, ultra-tough metal and taking advantage of the increased weight it has in a much smaller volume. Previous attempts at using tungsten weights for fly fishing were largely unsuccessful due to the fact that while the weights were harder, they were also too brittle compared to tin or lead. MFC tackled this problem by looking to a unique source of inspiration; the ocean.

They discovered that the traditional round, shot shape was responsible for the brittleness of tungsten weights. According to Shawn Brillon, product manager for MFC, the solution was to form tungsten into a clamshell shape with a hinge. This provides anglers with a quick and easy way to create a secure connection to the leader or tippet. He also cautions against using your teeth and opt for pliers or forceps as their Tungsten Split Shot is as hard as you can get.

Jake Chutz, the MFC Sales director added that the Tungsten Split Shot was also designed with a desire to protect the resource. Not only are the Tungsten Split Shot reusable, but they are also much smaller than other weights and all-natural. Tungsten is 2.7 times denser than tin and 1.7 times denser than lead, so you get an improved sink rate compared to the alternatives.

The MFC Tungsten Split Shot is available in sizes AB = .6G; BB = .4G; #1 = .3G; #4 = .2G. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $7.00 per 15-20 count bag (depending on the shot size) or $28.00 for the 70 piece assortment.

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