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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 09:50

Deeper Smart Sonar Giveaway

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For the month of August, Yakangler is teaming up with Deeper, manufacturers of award winning sonar technology, for an exciting giveaway. Enter now and stand a chance to win a portable fish finder that scans at a wide range, captures very detailed data and is easy to use in a kayak.

Recognizing the need among shore- and kayak fishermen for user-friendly, castable fish finders, Deeper has created a range of smart sonar devices that take fishing to the next level. Their fish finders have received major international awards and are well respected in the industry. In 2016, their Fishfinder 3.0 was the first fishing gadget to receive the CES Best of Innovation Award in the Wireless Handset Accessories category. 

Because they are so portable and compact, Deeper smart sonars are perfect for kayak fishing. They are very easy to mount on float tubes, boats and kayaks and connect to your smartphone or tablet via wi-fi. With the detailed sonar data these devices provide, it is easy to explore what's underneath the water surface and increase your chances to score some great catches.


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With its wide operating range and the detailed data it transmits, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is great for any serious fisherman. It is small and ultra-light, making it suitable for casting using most standard lines.


The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is not only much more affordable than many of your regular boat fish finders, but it is especially well-suited for kayak fishing. With Deeper's FlexArm, installing the device is hassle-free compared to most other boat fish finders, and it is also much more portable. This versatile device can easily be used on multiple kayaks or taken along if you go ice fishing or shore fishing.

The Pro + boasts the furthest range of any castable sonar on the market. The device works with WiFi, which gives it a great boost in its data transmission capabilities - capturing and transmitting within a range as far as 330 ft. WiFi also means a steady connection between the sonar and your smartphone, without requiring an internet connection or phone signal in order to work. You will be able to use the Deeper Smart Sonar no matter where you are, without having to carry around a large battery. 

Because of its higher resolution and scanning frequency, the Smart Sonar Pro gathers a lot of data. The PRO+ captures the fishing site in great detail, from 2ft up to a scanning depth of 260ft, even identifying fast-moving or small objects.

The PRO+ has an internal GPS receiver, allowing the user to create detailed bathymetric contour maps, even from the shore, or to make use of features such as GPS Ice Hole Marking. 

Another useful feature that comes with the device is Lakebook, a Data Manager that helps to store and manage the data you capture. This means you can access all of your depth- and GPS data on your PC and use the maps you have stored to plan your next fishing trip. If anything happens to your phone, your data would still be accessible if you make use of this feature.

For anybody serious about sonar fishing, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is a must-have.

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