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Monday, 18 August 2014 00:00

What the heck is an FUD? - Part 2

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How many times have you asked yourself, “Why didn't I think of that?!” That's pretty much how I feel about the FUDs I just had the thrill of testing! Ok, so maybe not a thrill, but being a girl and all, it is pretty cool being able to relieve yourself standing up or kneeling, without soaking your pants or having pee run down your leg.

I ended up ordering and testing out two more brands of FUDs. I mentioned in my earlier article "For My Lady Anglers - What the Heck is an FUD?" that I had already purchased the “GO GIRL” brand. The others I tested are the “pStyle” and the “Shewee”. I decided to compare the three with a simple chart. Two are very similar in design and resemble a funnel, while the other has a more open design.

  Price Material Weight Color(s) Cleaning
GO GIRL $10 Silicone 1.0 oz. Pint, tan Hand wash or dishwasher
pStyle $12, $12 for case Polyethyleen .06 oz.  Blue, white, pink, purple, orange, green Hand wash or dishwasher
Shewee $10, 20 for case polyethylene 3.5 oz. White, green, pink, sand Hand wash or dishwasher

The fantastic thing about all three FUDs is that they are easily hand washed or can even go in the dishwasher if needed. [Yeah, I’d want that in next to my cereal bowl… Imperial Revisionist] There are many occasions you can use these handy devices, but my main focus is how they do on a kayak.

Now the testing! Nothing too complicated here really. The first thing I had to do was make sure I had to go pee! Hydration was key. I made sure to drink lots of water... or beer (don't judge me). I wanted to see how these babies could handle a strong flow because I wasn't convinced these small FUDs could handle a grown woman's bladder!

First up, the GO GIRL. The GO GIRL is made of medical grade silicon, so if you have an allergy to silicone it's not for you! Yikes, I can't imagine that reaction. It comes in a handy plastic storage tube, which is very nice because it can roll up easily. It can discreetly hide in a tackle bag, a kayak compartment, or some PFDs that have pockets. I have a Hobie Inflatable suspender PFD, and it fits like a champ in the left zipper compartment. The GO GIRL currently comes in two colors and is middle of the road for weight compared to the other two reviewed.

The first time I used it was somewhat comical. It is very easy to appropriately place the GO GIRL with pants or shorts by unzipping and sometimes unbuttoning depending on the pants. This way you’re not showing the world your booty... along with other things. I did have an observer, giggling behind me the whole time (my husband). I guess it is silly watching a girl pee standing up. After placing the GO GIRL, it filled with pee that ran down my legs, getting my pants wet. DANGIT! So, I quickly learned with this device that you need to slowly release, instead of fire hosing it out like I tried. With that information in mind, every other time I've used it it's worked just fine, kneeling or standing. I can stand in my Hobie “Revolution 13”. It's not easy and I don’t like doing it, but it's possible. However, I prefer kneeling in my boat while using the FUDs. In a Hobie “Pro Angler” or Jackson “Cuda”, for example, stand up and pee away. Those boats are super stable!

After trying out the GO GIRL, I decided to move onto the Shewee. It's very similar in design to the GO GIRL, with an oblong funnel shape. Some things set it apart. First, it is made of plastic. It's also the heaviest of the three. Another major difference with the Shewee is that it has an extension piece that can attach to the end of it. I personally don't see any advantage to this for a lady yakangler. Looking over their website, you can purchase special underwear that holds the Shewee in place, then you attach the extension to pee with minimal clothing adjustment. No thanks on that one! No way I'd leave this device in place while kayaking! Any lady that wants to try it, let me know how it goes! You can order a neat rectangular carry case for the Shewee, and it does come in an array of colors if you're one of those that has to have a pretty FUD. This FUD would be better in a tackle bag or kayak compartment. Because it's being rigid plastic, it'd be hard to squeeze in a PFD.

So for the Shewee trial - placing it was easy, and you will figure out what works best for you. I wanted to give it the same fire hose pressure test as the GO GIRL, because it clearly says "no leaks" on the box it came in. Overflowed again, but quickly caught myself because I was expecting it, so not the soaking I experienced with the GO GIRL. There is another nice thing about the GO GIRL and the Shewee. If you're not comfortable spraying a golden rainbow off the side of your kayak, the design of these two easily allows you to pee in a bottle and dump the bottle overboard. Piece of cake, and you’re back out fishing your hubs or boyfriend in no time.

This brings me to my final review. The pStyle is obviously a different design. It somewhat resembles a shoehorn, but is longer and deeper. This would make it difficult to go into a bottle. Like the Shewee, the pStyle is made of plastic. It gets first place for being the lightest weight, and in my opinion has the best color selection. You can purchase a case for it if you'd like. It fits in my PFD perfectly, but I could always opt for tackle bag or kayak compartment. I just want to be able to access it easily. I'm not going to lie about how excited I was to try this one out. I didn't even wait to get on my kayak. I went straight to the bathroom in our house. With the more open design, I was certain there would be no overflow or mess. It was easier for me to get this device in place with clothes on - the first plus - and you can empty that bladder as forcefully as you want, ladies! Can you hear the excitement in my voice?

I have chosen a winner, hands down. If I were to rank these from first to third place it would be pStyle, GO GIRL, Shewee. That's my opinion, though, and honestly they all get the job done. You may prefer one of the others for whatever reason. You may not want people to know you're peeing from your boat, and go for the bottle option. You may like the softness and roll-ability of the GO GIRL. Whatever your preferences, I assure you an FUD should be in every gals kayak. Remember, shop around! You may find a great deal on sites other than the manufacturers’. Tight lines, ladies... and gents.

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Holly Jones

Holly started fishing at the age of 5 in Annapolis, Maryland where she grew up. Her dad taught her how to kayak soon after, but it wasn't until the Charleston, South Carolina Boondoggle she finally merged the two together. Holly, her husband and two young children now live in Panama City, Florida and hit the water to kayak fish, as a family, every chance they get. When she isn't fishing she loves to work out at the gym, volunteer at her children's school and stay busy as a stay at home mom. Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, she worked as a Herpetologist at Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina. She loves to educate people about snakes, venomous species in particular. Any reptile questions, feel free to ask away!

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+1 # Scott Rispaud 2014-08-18 09:13
OMG Holly, you made me lol! Pics, description etc, was just a riot. I thought your review was great and just ordered one for my girlfriend. Thanks for being soooo candid.
# Snakegirl 2014-11-07 10:36
Which one? That's fantastic :-)
+1 # kayakoos 2014-08-18 11:53
8) Got an orange one for me, lavender for my daughter - pStyle - happy to have chosen this one, even before the reviews came out :lol: Most difficult thing, for BOTH of us - MAKING ourselves pee! :-x It just felt 'wrong' at first (like when you are dreaming that you are in a restroom, and your subconscious mind is screaming at you "DON'T DO IT!"). Didn't take long, though, to convince the mind and the body that it was okay - we are pro's now! SO THANKFUL for this little item! No more outhouse "hovering," or fear of public rest rooms! :D
+1 # IndianaYakFish 2014-08-25 12:10
Thanks for this article. My wife just ordered the Go Girl. No more paddling 2 miles back to the nearest bathroom when the bite is on for her!
# Snakegirl 2014-08-25 17:58
That's great news! They are a wonderful thing for sure :-)

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